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What’s an ActewAGL Energy Bar?

In-person energy assistance—from a local.


An Energy Bar is your one-stop shop for powerful energy advice and assistance for your ActewAGL account face-to-face.

We’ve been part of the capital region for over 100 years and we love using our local experience and know-how to deliver the best, most personal service we can.

Your electricity and gas usage and charges can be a complex topic—we’re here to take the time to explain how it all works and answer any questions. You can always email, call us direct or manage your account online, but we know that sometimes it’s helpful to speak to us in person. Our Energy Bars make it easier than ever for you to connect with us, when and where it works for you:

  • Our main Energy Bar: ActewAGL House foyer, 40 Bunda Street, Civic. Every weekday, 9am–5pm (except Public Holidays).
  • At SolarHub & ActewAGL Smart Energy Hub at Unit 2/157 Flemington Road Mitchell ACT, Monday – Thursday, 9am–5pm, Friday, 9am–4pm.

A plan just right for you

Do you know if you’re on the best energy plan for you? We’ll go through your options with simple and jargon-free energy advice. When you drop in at the Energy Bar, you can leave with peace of mind and the power to choose which plan suits you best. If you’re powering both a home and a business, take something off your to-do list—we can organise that too.

Up to date

If you’ve been with us for a while, it might be time to update your details. Drop by to double-check we have the right account address, phone number, names, payment information and more. Why not update to e-communications to get your bill instantly to your inbox?  Your energy adviser can action this for you on the spot—out with the old and in with the new!

Better understand your bill

If the difference between credits, rebates, consumption and charges has you scratching your head every quarter, bring us your bill and we’ll go through it together, line by line. With all our operations based in the heart of Canberra, we use the same energy you do—we get that the language may be confusing. If you received a bill that was higher than expected, or your bill was based on an estimated meter read, we can talk you through that too. Forgot to bring your bill? It doesn’t matter—take a seat and we can look it up then and there. Understanding what makes up your bill is also an important first step to start optimising your energy usage. 

Take charge of your budget

Better manage bill time by setting up a flexible direct debit payment option—we call it EvenPay. With EvenPay, your annual energy bill is smoothed over smaller, predictable fortnightly or monthly automatic payments. You’ll always know how much you need to pay, and when. When you see us at the Energy Bar, pop over and we can set it up for you in just a couple of minutes.

Energy at your fingertips

Be empowered to manage your own account at My.ActewAGL—we’ll support you every step of the way. If you are unsure what you can action yourself, or are having trouble logging in, we can get you connected. You’ll walk away fully set up to manage your account yourself, anywhere, any time. Online you can:

  • pay your bill
  • update your details
  • organise a move
  • track your electricity usage
  • check you're on the best plan
  • request a payment extension
  • transfer credit between accounts
  • set up direct debit payments.

Cool, calm and connected

We know that moving house is a major event—but moving your energy doesn’t have to be. Once you know your new address and move-in date, you can organise, in advance, what day you want your energy connected at your new home. You can do this online anytime, but if you would rather get this sorted on the spot, we can give you peace of mind and action the connection for you.  If you find yourself lost in packing boxes and require a last-minute energy solution, we also offer same-day connection. 

More power to save

Do you know which home appliances are using the most energy? Are you making the most of Canberra’s distinct four seasons? We love inspiring you to reduce your energy use and save more. If you’re switching off lights when you leave the room and adjusting the temperature on your heating and cooling, you’re off to a good start…but if you’re looking for more personalised ways to reduce your energy use, our people love sharing their energy efficiency tips and tricks whenever they can. If your home is a retro-cool build from days gone by, be mindful that any outdated appliances may be costing you more to run. Depending on the appliance, we may also be able to recommend rebated offers that make the upgrade to energy-efficient appliances less expensive. 

Anything and everything energy

Whether you’re just moving out of home, you’ve been an ActewAGL customer for decades, or you just had a quick question as you’re passing by, stop in and we’ll be happy to assist you.

If you’re looking for more ways to save on your next energy bill, take a peek at our Power to save booklet.

Your home is our home. Read our guide to the local language and low-key locales that make Canberra, Canberra. 

Still not sure about where to find your nearest Energy Bar? Drop us a line, at 13 14 93.

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