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New smart meters

Upgrade to a new electricity meter to put the power in your hands.


Your new smart meter

If you’ve signed up to a new ActewAGL plan, you may need a new digital electricity meter (also known as a smart meter) installed. You’ll also get a new meter if your current meter is faulty or needs replacing. As your energy retailer, we’ll organise the installation for you.

Your new meter is digital and can be read remotely, providing accurate information on your usage every 5 minutes. As it can be remotely read, once it’s installed it won’t need to be manually read by a meter reader.

New meter fact sheet
  • With a new meter you can:

    • Track your daily electricity usage at My.ActewAGL anytime, without waiting for your next bill. (Allow up to 48 hours for recent usage information to be available.)
    • Make informed choices about how and when you use your electricity—which could save you money.
    • Switch to a new electricity pricing plan and change the way you’re billed. 
  • If you or a person in your household is reliant on life support equipment, please make the necessary arrangements for the duration of the meter installation.

    It’s a requirement that someone is in attendance when the contractors are on site to ensure the safety of the person on life support. Please note that work won’t proceed if there is no one on site. For more information to help you prepare, see our information on life support equipment.

  • Here’s what you need to know about your new meter and upcoming installation:

    1. We’ll let you know via letter when your new meter installation in scheduled.
    2. You don’t need to be home (unless you or someone in your household is reliant on life support equipment).
    3. The scheduled installation may change in the event of unforeseen circumstances or weather. In this case, we’ll contact you to reschedule your installation. If additional work is required, we’ll notify you.
    4. The technician will notify you when they arrive and before interrupting your power supply. You may experience a power outage of one to three hours.
    5. After the installation you’ll be informed that your new meter is installed, or if more work is needed, via a notice in your letterbox.

    To prepare for your new meter installation, please: 

    • Provide clear access to the work site, preferably from the front of your premises along a driveway or grass passageway.
    • Provide clear and safe access to the meter box and ensure all padlocks are removed.
    • Provide access to your main switch. If this is inside, you will have to be home.
    • Provide clear and safe access to your point of attachment (where the overhead powerlines are attached to your house) or point of entry (for underground power connections), which may be in your backyard. Please ensure any gates are unlocked or you may need to be home to provide access.
    • Switch off sensitive appliances at the wall.
    • Ensure any pets are secured and removed from the areas that the meter installer needs to work.

    Important to note for ACT premises.
    The installation won’t be able to go ahead if you have aerial powerlines attached to an overhead connection point at your premises and there’s damage to your timber barge board. If you notice the barge board is old or needs repair, call us on 1300 815 815 and we’ll walk you through next steps and delay your electricity meter replacement. For more information on barge boards, visit:

How pricing works

When your new meter is installed, you may be placed on an alternative pricing plan called time-of-use, and charged differently for the electricity you use.

If you find that this plan doesn’t suit your needs, you can change your plan once in a 12-month period. The available options depend on whether you’re in the ACT or NSW. If your property is in the ACT, you can opt-in to a demand pricing plan. If your property is in NSW you can opt-in to our standard home or business plan. Find out more information about pricing plans.

You can change your plan by speaking with a local energy expert on 13 14 93.

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