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Life support equipment

You’re in safe hands.

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Register your life support equipment

If you or someone at your address depends on life support equipment, you’ll need to register to receive life support protections, and you’re entitled to a rebate on your bill. 

Register equipment

You’ll need to print this form, have it signed by your medical practitioner and then submit it.

Register  -  ACTRegister - NSW

Approved life support equipment*

  • Intermittent peritoneal dialysis machine.
  • Oxygen concentrator.
  • Kidney dialysis machine.
  • Chronic positive airways pressure respirator.
  • Crigler najjar syndrome phototherapy equipment.
  • Ventilator for life support.
  • Any other equipment a registered medical practitioner certifies is required for life support.

 * As advised in the National Energy Retail Rules.

Protections for registered customers

Once you’re registered, the following protections apply:

  • We won’t de-energise your address from the date we’re advised the life support equipment is required.
  • In the case of an ActewAGL-planned interruption, we’ll give you at least four business days written notice of the interruption to supply.
  • When either Evoenergy, Essential Energy or Endeavour Energy plan an interruption, they’ll give you at least four business days written notice of the interruption to supply.

Unplanned energy outages

You’re responsible for ensuring there’s a backup energy supply to your address.

Unplanned outages may occur and we can’t guarantee that you won’t experience interruptions to your energy supply. Discuss your options with your medical practitioner or medical team to develop an action plan that keeps you safe. 

In an emergency, fault or unplanned outage, contact:

Stay in touch

It’s important to let us know if your current contact details or circumstances change. 

Contact us on 13 14 93.

Need more info?

View the Australian Energy Regulators: 

Terms and conditions

View the life support protections terms and conditions.

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