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Supporting the transition to renewable electricity through solar.

30% of ACT homes powered by solar by 2025.


Supporting ACT homes on their solar journey.

Lower your electricity bills, improve energy efficiency and positively contribute to sustainability in the community when you switch to solar.

Our solar goal: 30% of ACT homes to be powered by solar by 2025.

As part of the ActewAGL sustainability promise, we’ve set a goal of helping 30% of homes in the ACT transition to solar by 2025. By helping households transition, we are actively contributing to the region’s net-zero goals.

How we’re working towards our solar goal.

Installing solar is easier than ever.
The experienced team at the SolarHub & ActewAGL Smart Energy Hub can help with a solar system to meet your household energy needs. Aside from managing the design and installation of the system, and helping with selection of the best energy plan, ActewAGL customers can access interest-free payment plans to help enjoy the benefits of solar sooner. Explore the Smart Energy Hub.

Maximise your solar returns with our Solar Saver plan.
Designed to maximise the value of your solar system while helping power your home with clean energy, our Solar Saver plan offers a great solar feed-in tariff. You can get credits on your bills for exporting any unused electricity your home generates back to the grid. Explore our Solar Saver plan

Funding community groups to go solar.
Our Community Grants program has funded several solar panel installation projects, allowing ACT-based organisations to generate their own energy and offset their running costs. Learn more about ActewAGL Community Grants.

We aim to achieve

30% of ACT homes to be powered by solar by 2025.
Install and finance solar via interest-free monthly payments added seamlessly to your energy bill.
1 in 4 ACT households to drive an electric vehicle by 2030.
We help customers find, finance and charge EVs.
An increase in renewable homes.
Transition from gas to renewable electricity with our range of products and services.

Ranked #1 energy provider for customer experience 2021/2022

CSBA Sense CX Quarterly Best in Sector Awards for energy.

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