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Government incentives

Discover a range of government incentives to help you save.


Access rebates, interest-free loans and other financial incentives.

To help make the transition to an energy-efficient and sustainable home more affordable, we've put together a list of programs and schemes delivered by the ACT and NSW governments. Learn about the schemes, eligibility criteria and how to access the incentives below.

Energy-efficiency upgrades government incentives

Sustainable Household Scheme (ACT)
Eligible ACT homeowners may be able to access an interest-free loan to put towards the purchase and installation of energy-efficiency upgrades, including electric heating and cooling systems, hot water heat pumps, electric stovetops and ceiling insulation.

Home Energy Support Program (ACT)
The ACT Government's Home Energy Support Program provides rebates for eligible homeowners to help with the upfront costs of installing reverse-cycle heating and cooling, hot water heat pumps, electric stovetops and ovens and ceiling insulation.

Wood Heater Replacement Program (ACT)
Designed to help Canberrans transition to cleaner heating methods, the Wood Heater Replacement Program offers rebates for closing off fireplaces, removing wood heaters and replacing them with an electric reverse-cycle system.

Energy savings upgrades: Energy Savings Scheme (NSW)
Under the NSW Government's Energy Savings Scheme, homeowners may be entitled to financial incentives for installing energy-efficient appliances and equipment including lighting, air conditioning systems, pool pumps and hot water systems.

Renewable energy government incentives

Zero-interest loan for rooftop solar panels and battery storage systems (ACT)
Eligible ACT homeowners may be able to access an interest-free loan to put towards the purchase and installation of rooftop solar panels and household battery storage systems.

Home Energy Support Program (ACT)
ACT homeowners who hold an eligible concession card may be eligible for a rebate for a home rooftop solar system.

Rebate swap for solar (NSW)
The NSW Government is offering eligible homeowners the opportunity to swap their Low Income Household Rebate for a free, fully installed 3-kilowatt solar system.

Electric vehicle government incentives

Free electric vehicle registration (ACT)
Eligible owners of new or used zero-emissions vehicles in the ACT purchased or acquired between 24 May 2021 and 30 June 2024 can receive two years of free registration.

Motor vehicle duty exemption (ACT)
As part of the ACT Government's Zero Emissions Vehicle Strategy, new and used ZEVs (including motorcycles) purchased on or after 1 August 2022 are exempt from motor vehicle duty. 

Zero-interest loan for an electric vehicle and charging infrastructure (ACT)
Eligible ACT residents who hold a current ACT driver licence may be able to access an interest-free loan to put towards the purchase of an electric vehicle or electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

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