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Even Better.

Smooth out your
energy bills.

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EvenPay is ActewAGL’s payment plan that lets you set and forget.

With EvenPay, you pay a set fortnightly or monthly payment towards your energy bills rather than a lump sum every time. You're in full control and can opt out at any time. It's even better.  
Plus, this gives you more manageable, predictable bills, so there are no surprises.


Set up EvenPay now.

Why EvenPay

Set and forget.
You get peace of mind that your energy is sorted, with easy, direct debit payments.
Same bill, less stress.
No matter how you choose to pay, you’ll only ever pay for the energy you use.
Add it to any account.
You can use EvenPay with any ActewAGL energy plan. 

How EvenPay works

We split the cost evenly.
We take your energy usage history and split the annual total cost of your electricity or gas into averaged, even payment amounts. You'll always know much you need to pay, and when.
We review your usage and adjust if necessary.
Every six months we re-calculate your payment amount based on your actual usage and may adjust your payments accordingly.
We notify you if anything changes.
We’ll notify you in writing if the amount is changing. If you don't have any usage history with us yet, that’s okay! We’ll estimate your usage and adjust your payments after the first six months.

How to set up EvenPay

It’s simple to set up at My.ActewAGL, otherwise chat to an Energy Consultant on 13 14 93 Monday–Friday, 8am–6pm (except public holidays), and our local team will guide you through the set up. It only takes 2 minutes.  
To set up EvenPay yourself online: 
1. Log in to your account at My.ActewAGL
2. Click Set up direct debit and select EvenPay. 
3. Pick a start date, and choose between monthly or fortnightly, automatic payments. 
4. We will send you a confirmation once it’s set up! 
If you’d prefer to set up EvenPay on your account in person, you can find us in the heart of the city, every weekday, at our Energy Bar at 40 Bunda Street, Canberra City (Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm). 

EvenPay Even Better
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Signing up is so easy!

Set up EvenPay now.

Frequently asked questions

  • EvenPay is our direct debit payment option that makes it easier than ever to manage your energy bills. 
    Rather than paying four quarterly bills, EvenPay splits your total annual energy cost into smaller, fortnightly or monthly, automatic payments. 
    This works to smooth out larger bills—often impacted by the seasons—into regular, manageable payments. You choose a frequency that matches your budget and lifestyle, and we’ll use your recent usage history to determine your set payment amount. 
    You’ll still receive a quarterly bill summary, which includes more information about your usage and any concessions, rebates or credits that are applied to your account, but you’ll have peace of mind that you’re on top of your energy bill—before you even receive it. 
    Every six months, we’ll recalculate your payment amount based on your actual energy usage, so you only pay for the energy you use. We will notify you in writing prior to any change in your payment amount.

    Get started with EvenPay.

  • • Reduce bill shock by paying the same amount every fortnight or month. 
    • Set and forget with automatic, direct debit payments. 
    • We’ll recalculate your payments every six months, so you’ll only ever pay for the energy you use. 
    • It’s your regular bill, smoothed into smaller, more manageable payments.

    Get started with EvenPay.

  • Yes, you’ll still receive a quarterly bill, which includes more information about your usage and any concessions, rebates, discounts or credits that are applied to your account. 
    On your bill, you’ll see how much you’ve paid through EvenPay in the last three months. The 'Amount due' field will note that you are on EvenPay and that there's no need to pay the total due right now. 

  • We’re locals too, so we appreciate that there are certain times in the year that require more energy use than others. 
    If you’ve only just started using EvenPay, or your EvenPay payments were less than your total bill, don’t worry, when we recalculate and adjust your payments, we’ll take this into account—so you’ll always be on top of your energy. With EvenPay, you’ll never have to pay your bill, or any outstanding amounts, in full. 
    If your EvenPay payments are more than your total bill, this amount will roll over onto your next bill in the form of a credit—easy as that. 
    If you’d prefer a refund, or to move credit between accounts, we can arrange this at any time—call 13 14 93.

  • You can update your personal details, such as your name, phone number or payment details online, anytime, through your My.ActewAGL account.

    Log in to My.ActewAGL

  • To add EvenPay to more than one property, you’ll need to set it up for each property separately. You can do this online, anytime, through your My.ActewAGL account—the same way that you would set up EvenPay for a single property. It’s easy, and it only takes a couple minutes.

    Log in to My.ActewAGL

  • If you’re not sure if EvenPay is right for you, have a payment question or require assistance setting up EvenPay online, get in touch. 
    We're right here in the heart of the city, every weekday, at our Energy Bar at 40 Bunda Street, Canberra City (Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm). 
    For any other questions, call 13 14 93 (8am–6pm, Monday–Friday).

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