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Direct debit

Direct debit service agreement

This agreement outlines how each payment option is processed, as well as your rights and obligations under the agreement.

  • If the direct debit payment date is not a business day, funds will be drawn on the next business day.

    Direct debit options


    The cost of your annual gas and electricity bills is split into even payments. You pay the same price per fortnight or month, from your nominated savings, cheque or credit card account.

    Every six months we re-calculate your payment amount based on your usage and may adjust your deductions accordingly. We’ll notify you in writing of the changed amount.


    The full amount of your bill is deducted on the day the payment is due from your nominated savings, cheque or credit card account.

    FullPay Solar

    If you receive payments for solar power generation, you’re eligible for FullPay Solar. If you generate more credits than you use, net credits will automatically be refunded to your nominated cheque or savings account. If you generate less energy than you use, the remaining balance will be deducted from your nominated account on the day the payment is due.

  • We accept Visa or MasterCard for credit card direct debit payments. A payment processing fee of up to 0.50% (GST inclusive) may apply to payments made from a credit card.

  • We’ll give you at least 14 days notice in writing if there are any changes to the terms of the agreement, unless otherwise agreed.

    All information you provide about your savings, cheque or credit card accounts is kept in the strictest confidence between us and your bank, building society or credit union. We will not pass the information on to anyone else.

    If you wish to alter, defer or cancel your direct debit at any time, you must notify us at least five business days before the date the direct debit deduction is due to be made so the necessary changes can be arranged. We won’t draw from your account until the agreed new direct debit deduction date.

    A direct debit application remains in force until it is cancelled. If you believe we have drawn on your account incorrectly call 13 14 93. We will make every attempt to resolve the dispute within five business days.

  • Direct debit may not be available on all types of savings, cheque or credit card accounts, so you should check with your bank, building society or credit union before completing the direct debit application.

    Once you’ve agreed to use direct debit for payment of your account/s you must have sufficient funds in your nominated savings, cheque or credit card account on the direct debit deduction date to cover the amount shown on your bill, or to cover your agreed payment deduction. If there are insufficient funds in your account on the direct debit deduction date, your bank, building society or credit union may charge a fee that you are obliged to pay.

    If your bank, building society or credit union rejects the deduction, you may incur a charge to cover administration costs and your direct debit arrangements may be cancelled without further notice.

    If you change your nominated savings, cheque or credit card account, you need to complete a new direct debit application or call 13 14 93 to update your details.

Direct debit

Frequently asked questions

  • Set up is simple at My.ActewAGL or call 13 14 93.

    Once your direct debit request is complete, you’ll receive confirmation in writing of your payment details.

  • You’ll need to continue to pay your ActewAGL bill by the payment due date until you receive confirmation in writing that your direct debit is active.

    Once confirmed, you’ll continue to receive your ActewAGL bill/s as scheduled and your direct debit information will be included on the bill.

  • Yes. If you make direct debit payments from a nominated savings or cheque account for your electricity, you’ll receive a discount of $0.05 (GST inc) per day.

    That's a total saving of $20/year. The discount is calculated on a daily basis for the period direct debit is active on your bills. The discount doesn’t apply if you pay by credit card or if you have an existing ActewAGL Market Retail Contract.

  • Go to My.ActewAGL or call 13 14 93.

    For all other changes, such as deferring a payment, cancelling your direct debit or changing a payment date, call 13 14 93. At least five business days’ notice is required for a payment change to take effect.

  • You’ll receive a new account number when you move, and you’ll need to use this number to set up a new direct debit. Your current direct debit will stop as soon as your new details are in place.

    For further questions call 13 14 93.

  • All information you provide is kept in the strictest confidence between your financial institution and ActewAGL. The information you provide online is also secure. ActewAGL ensures your details are encrypted and stored securely.
    For more information see our Privacy Policy.

ActewAGL Retail ABN 46 221 314 841 a partnership of Icon Retail Investments Ltd ABN 23 074 371 207 and AGL ACT Retail Investments Pty Ltd ABN 53 093 631 586. ActewAGL direct debit user ID: 028103 and 373577.

Icon Water Limited ABN 86 069 381 960. Icon Water direct debit user ID: 504727

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