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Moving made easy

Simple moving house hacks from ActewAGL—your home for moving home.

Moving house

If you forget to connect the electricity at your new place, don’t panic. ActewAGL does quick and easy same-day* (ACT) or next-day (NSW) connection online.

Moving house is considered one of the most stressful life events. In fact, studies show it’s even more stressful than divorce. With so many details to think of and plan, it’s hardly surprising.

We’ve got some clever hacks to help reduce the stress and hassle of a move. So put away the packaging tape and marker for a few minutes, take a well-earned seat and read about our simple, affordable and creative solutions to help you make the best move.

Hunt for boxes

Rather than buying brand new boxes, see if you can round some up that are otherwise going to waste. Department and liquor stores are a good place to start. And for hanging pictures, see if you can get your hands on a bike box. Just ask the staff at each store if they’ve got any you can take off their hands.

Go full colour

Colour code your boxes according to the room they need to go to. On a printout of your floorplan mark each room with its colour, or blu-tack a coloured sign on each door of your new place, so you can see at a glance where each box should go.

Get on a roll

There are few things as frustrating as trying to find a specific cable in a tangled-up spaghetti-mess of cords. But if you roll up each cord and place it in its own empty toilet roll, marked on the outside for easy identification, you’re wired for success.

Hang in there

Transporting hanging clothes isn’t easy, we know. Pants tend to slip and fall, your expensive clothes get bunched and tangled—it’s a mess. Keep your clothes on their hanger, slide a handful of them into a garbage bag and tie the draw string at the top—you’ll keep clothes in order and protected. When you get to your new home, simply hang and slip off the bags. Or, a more eco alternative is wrapping your hanging clothes in the sheets you’re packing anyway.

Keep your bits. And your wits

When disassembling furniture or electronics, put the screws, bolts, remotes, bits and bobs for each item in their own zip lock bag. Label the bag and tape it to the furniture or equipment itself so that you’ve got everything ready for reassembly later.

Go techie

Of course there’s an app for that! There are various mobile apps that can help you manage service providers, plan tasks, timelines and control your budget. Some of them can even help you visualise your furniture in your new place or create an itinerary of what you’ve packed in which box.

Don't be a basket case

Pack a ‘first-day’ basket with disposable plates, cups and cutlery so you can easily eat without having to dig through the boxes to find your dishes. And remember to pack your coffee, tea, kettle and any other must-haves in there too. You could also include other basics you’ll need for day one—everything from toothpaste and toilet paper to linen and a phone charger.

Keep a lid on it

Cover the opening of liquid bottles (like shampoo, oil, detergents, etc.) with plastic wrap before putting the lid back on to avoid nasty spills and messes mid-move. Speaking of plastic wrap, it’s also handy to wrap items that are already in containers (like your utensils drawer) instead of letting your forks and knives run loose in a box. Unpacking is as simple as unwrapping.

Fill it up

Save on boxes by using any containers you’re moving as storage space. Pack stuff in laundry baskets, empty drawers and suitcases. You can even fill your pots and pans with spice containers, dish towels and other kitchen items to save space. Go a step further and rather than using bubble wrap, store plates and glasses in clothes or towels—it’s a packing double whammy.

Easy as snap

Before moving your entertainment centre, snap a picture of the wiring setup. Label the wires with tape before unplugging to make rewiring a breeze.

Take a load off

Turn heavy lifting into light work by packing heavy items, like books, in suitcases. The handles and wheels make transporting much easier.

I came, I thawed, I conquered

Defrost your fridge the day before moving out. This will avoid all kinds of leaks and nasty smells on move day.

Keep it close

Keep your sentimental and valuable objects with you on the day of your move—just to be on the safe side.

Remember to connect your energy

Don’t forget to move your energy account to your new address. With ActewAGL you can nominate the exact day of your move and we’ll get you set up and ready for the day you move in. Connect your electricity, gas and water in just a few clicks at My.ActewAGL.

Need a last minute connection?  Get a same-day connection.

Happy moving!

*Same-day electricity connection in the ACT, as long as you let us know by 1pm, or we’ll cover up to $500 of related expenses per day. Full terms and conditions on our Move page.
^NSW next-day connection of your electricity is guaranteed when you book online before 2pm on any given business day. Full terms and conditions on our Move page. 

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