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Leaving the nest 101: A guide to setting up your new place


Moving out of the family home for the first time? Read our tips on organising the essentials, so you have more time to find those ‘Pinterest perfect’ finishing touches. 

First things first, get some positive energy flowing through your home.

Once you’ve secured your new address, you’ll need to organise your power. As your local energy retailer, we can get it done!

Start by working out if your new address has gas as well as electricity. It may not be obvious, especially for things like water heating, so ask your property manager or real estate agent if you’re not sure. We’ll also need to know the date you want to be connected, so make sure you’ve got that handy. 

Then it’s quick and simple to compare energy plans online and choose the best one for your new home. Setting up your new ActewAGL account via our website will just take a couple of minutes.

If online forms aren’t your thing or you need personalised advice, our team of local Energy Consultants are always happy to get you sorted. 

Drop by and take a seat at our Energy Bar for face-to-face tailored advice, we’ll take the time to explain how it all works. You’ll find us at 40 Bunda St, Canberra, Monday–Friday 9am–5pm.

You can also call and speak direct to our local Energy Consultants on 13 14 93, Monday–Friday 8am– 6pm.

Did you or your housemate forget to set up the energy and today is the big move day? No stress, we can get your electricity connected on the same day* (ACT) or the next day* (NSW). Just let us know online before 1pm for ACT or 2pm for NSW. *T&Cs apply.

What about water?

Water and sewerage facilities in the ACT and surrounding regions are operated by Icon Water.

If you’re renting your new home, the property owner will hold the account with Icon Water, so it’s their responsibility.

However, if you’ve purchased your new home, Icon Water will create an account under the name/s listed on the Property Title. You don’t need to do anything, you’ll receive an information pack with all your account details and information in the post.

Let’s talk about the ‘B word’. Budget.

We won’t go full Barefoot Investor on you, but it’s a good idea to set a basic budget before you move out.

Check out the Government’s Money Smart Budget Planner tool, it’ll take you about 20 minutes to complete. You might be surprised just how much money you spend on lattes when you break it down!

When setting up your new budget, consider automating your bills with direct debit to help manage your cash flow and stay on top of due dates.

Your energy bill will probably be a new household expense for you, and is usually paid quarterly. But our EvenPay direct debit option smooths your annual energy bill into smaller, fortnightly or monthly automatic payments. Think of it as an easy, regular payment plan. You’ll always know how much you need to pay, and when. You can set this up yourself when you choose your plan, or update it later in your My.ActewAGL account.

Don’t forget to keep a little buffer in your budget for a mid-week Uber Eats splurge!

Want more tips to power your move?

Get a spare key cut.

Having a spare key on hand will save your flyscreens from a panicked break in when you accidently lock yourself out. As soon as you have your new keys, drop into your local mall to key-cutting legend Mister Minit.

If it doesn’t bring you joy, don’t bring it!

We get it. That dolphin keyring you got at the Zoo when you were seven is special. But do you really need it in your new adult home? Take this opportunity to evaluate and responsibly downsize your belongings. Be kind to your ex-roomies too–chances are your parents don’t want your old stuff any more than you do. 

Be sure to recycle your clothing and furniture responsibly to local charities like Salvation Army or St Vincent de Paul.

Find a housemate or plant.

If you want to share your new home with housemate/s, Allhomes and Flatmates are great places to start. You can view applicant profiles and contact them in a safe and secure environment before choosing to meet in person.

If a houseplant is more your style, a Fiddle Leaf Fig will fill the role of a temperamental toddler. If you’re seeking a more laidback foliage friend, try a Peace Lily, they’re tough to kill and easy to love!

Your ‘moving day’ essentials.

The big day has finally come. Your car is packed and your new key (and spare) is in hand. Keep powering through the boxes on move day with:

  • A phone charger: vital for TikTok-ing around your new space and more seriously, documenting any damage or concerns with the place before bringing in your belongings.
  • A water bottle: it’s a busy day, you’ve got to keep up your fluids. And there’s nothing worse than needing a drink and realising your kitchen stuff is back at your ‘old place’.
  • A hearty snack: because ‘hangry’ and unpacking aren’t a good mix.

To prep you for packing, we’ve got another blog on Simple moving hacks you might like to check out.

And now it’s time to enjoy your new place! Take a walk around your block, get to know the neighbours and don’t forget, we’re local too. If you ever have a question about your energy or want to check in on your plan, we’re just down the road. Drop into our Energy Bar or contact us online or over the phone.

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