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The skills for better bills

Beyond your usage: here’s how to better manage your energy bills.


Your energy bill is one of the most significant costs in your household budget. When you take the time to truly understand it, you hold the skills you need to start managing your energy usage, which can save you money.

Better bill management comes from more than just using less energy. You can tap into our local knowledge—because we’re from around here too. Here are our top tips for how you can better manage your energy bills.

Read it

Whether your energy bills come to your letterbox or your inbox, the first key to managing your bill, is to understand it. Our biggest tip? Go beyond the bottom line. On the second page of your bill, you’ll see a detailed breakdown of your supply and consumption charges, as well as any other charges, such as your voluntary Greenchoice payments. If you have a feed-in tariff from your solar system, rebates from the government, or any other credits on your account, you can see exactly how much they add up to on the second page of your bill.

Your supply charge is a fixed, daily rate that you pay to be connected to the electricity grid, and how much energy you use throughout your billing period does not affect this number. If you’ve recently bought a second fridge, you’ve been working at home more often, or some chilly nights have had you keeping your heater on overnight, you’ll see this extra energy usage reflected in your consumption charges. Your supply charge is measured in cents per day (c/day) and your consumption is measured in cents per kilowatt hour (c/kWh).

Shift it

Peak, shoulder and off-peak periods. If you have a smart meter or a time-of-use meter, you’re probably familiar with these terms. New electricity meters, also known as smart meters, are digital and can be read remotely. This means once it’s installed, it won’t need to be manually read by a contracted meter reader, you’re able to track your daily electricity usage at My.ActewAGL and you’ll be able to make more informed choices about how and when you use your electricity—which could save you money. As the name suggests, on this type of pricing plan (either a demand pricing plan or time-of-use pricing plan), the price of your electricity depends on the time you use it. During high-demand periods when the electricity grid is under more pressure, your electricity will be more expensive. This is referred to as a ‘peak’ period. Using appliances or consuming more energy in shoulder or off-peak times instead, is called time-shifting. Consider if you can time-shift your clothes dryer, washing machine, pool pump or dishwasher to cheaper periods of the day. Some of your appliances may even have inbuilt timers that you can set for even greater flexibility. You’ll be doing the same tasks, using the same energy, but paying less for it.

Upgrading your meter is a great way to take charge of your energy, and in turn, your bills. If you’re on a fixed (or ‘anytime’) pricing plan, you’re not able to take advantage of time-shifting. But as your energy retailer, we can go through each pricing plan with you personally, and if you like, we can organise the installation of a new meter for you, for free*.

Even it

Leave unpredictable bills in yesteryear. If you’re tired of sitting and waiting to find out how much your seasonal bills will be, smooth them out into fortnightly or monthly payments instead. We call it EvenPay, and it makes it easier than ever to manage your energy bills. You’ll always know how much you need to pay, you only pay for the energy you actually use, and it’s a simple thing you can set up right from your My.ActewAGL account.

Check it

Are you eligible for any concessions or rebates? This is an important question and if your answer is: ‘I’m not sure’, it’s time to check your eligibility. If you hold an eligible concession card, you may be able to access the ACT Utilities Concession, which is credited to your electricity account. If you, or someone at your address depends on life support equipment, you may be entitled to a rebate, as well as other protections, to support you with this. These rebates are designed to assist you—so, if you’re eligible for one, make sure you take a moment to add it onto your account. For the Utilities Concession, all you need to do is add your eligible concession card to your account, via My.ActewAGL, or by calling one of our local Energy Consultants on 13 14 93.

Read more about the rebates and concessions available in your state or territory.

Ask it

Last, but definitely not least if you’re not sure about something on your bill, ask us. If learning the intricate details of kilowatt hours isn’t high on your to-do list this weekend but you’d like to better understand your bill, or you have a specific question about your account, visit an ActewAGL Energy Bar to speak to one of our local Energy Consultants, in person. We can talk you through your bill, set up EvenPay for you, or give you more energy-saving tips, on the spot. That’s the power of local.

If you’re feeling energised to learn more about your energy, we've got you covered. Read more about reading your bill and the five components that make up your electricity price.

No question is too big or small. From kilowatts to electric vehicles to making sure you’re on the best energy plan for you, we’re here to assist you in person. Here’s what you can do when you see us at one of our local Energy Bars.

Keen to try out EvenPay? Log into your account at My.ActewAGL now to set it up.

*There is no upfront cost to have the new meter installed. However, in some instances you may be required to have additional work completed by an electrician before we can install your new meter. In this case, your meter won't be installed on the first visit and we will contact you to discuss next steps.

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