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High bill checklist


Understand your energy use

If your energy bill seems high, there may be a sound reason that’s worth investigating. Follow the checklist to identify which factor/s may attribute to an increase.

Which of your energy accounts is billed higher than usual—electricity, gas or water?

Is it seasonal?

checkbox A really hot summer, our region’s typically cold winters or above average rainy days could contribute to an increase in your air conditioning, heating, hot water and clothes dryer use.

Compare your annual energy consumption—is it similar to the same period last year? Check by logging into your account at My.ActewAGL.

Are there other factors?

checkbox Are more people home more often? Visitors, working from home, or a new baby can cause a spike in energy consumption.

checkbox Were you away on holiday during the previous billing period? The new bill may appear higher.

Appliances: new, old and faulty

checkbox Are your appliances dated—age may be affecting their energy consumption? Old appliances can have low energy ratings, requiring more power to run.

checkbox Have you noticed household appliances running inconsistently or making strange noises?

checkbox Have you checked your appliances for obvious issues, such as a leaking hot water system or fridge doors not sealing?

checkbox Have you recently purchased additional appliances that now add to your consumption?

Outstanding charges

checkbox Did you pay your previous bill in full? If not, the remaining amount will be added to your current bill. You will see this on your bill as an extra charge on Page 1.

Did your energy plan change?

checkbox You may have been receiving a promotional discount that has expired. If it has concluded, now’s the time to choose a new energy plan to meet your needs.

Are you eligible for a concession rebate?

checkbox Check that your card information is up-to-date and hasn’t expired at My.ActewAGL.

Is your meter reading correct?

checkbox Is it time to replace a dated meter? Old meters can slow down with age—a new meter will record your usage accurately. Upgrade your meter.

checkbox If the meter read on your bill is estimated, the estimation is based on the usage history. There is a possibility that your reading may be inaccurate. You can provide a photo of your meter to us to record and adjust your bill accordingly by visiting

checkbox Estimate your bill by logging into your account at My.ActewAGL. Click on 'view more info' for the account that you want to estimate.

Monitor your usage in four simple steps

  1. Take a reading of your meter at the same time each day for at least a week.
  2. Record which appliances you used each day.
  3. At the end of the week, analyse your findings to understand which appliances may be using most the energy in your house.
  4. Borrow a ‘do-it-yourself’ Actsmart Home Energy Action Kit from an ACT library which includes the equipment, instructions and worksheets you need to conduct an audit of your energy consumption.
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