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Save on your
energy bills
while taking
a vacation.

Even when the lights are off and no one’s at home, your place of residence may still be costing you money. No doubt you power-down devices and appliances before you head out the door on holiday, but there are other ways you can save energy at home while on your much-needed escape. From filling up your fridge to closing curtains, follow these handy tips to minimise your household’s unnecessary energy consumption while you’re away.

Shut off or turn down your water heater

On average, about 16% of ACT households energy costs are attributed to water heating. While you’re chilling on the beach, your water heater will still be working away to maintain its constant shower-ready temperature. Consider turning it off entirely or setting it to the lowest temperature before you head off to save money and conserve energy. Just don’t forget to turn it back on before you jump in the shower for a post-trip refresh!

Focus on filling your fridge

In the countdown to your getaway, you’ll likely be gobbling everything in your fridge to prevent food wastage, (and smelly surprises on return) but leaving your fridge empty will make it work harder. Here’s why.

When your fridge is bare, it lacks thermal mass from your food and beverages that help retain the coldness. As a result, the cooling system needs to work harder and run for longer periods to maintain the desired temperature. The result? Higher electricity bills. Help your fridge and/or freezer to retain its thermal mass by filling it with bottles of water until it’s at least two thirds full before you go.

Unplug, unplug, unplug

Even when on standby or turned off, appliances can still draw power–even ones you wouldn’t imagine. Make a checklist of every electrical item in your home, think: TV, games consoles, coffee machine, microwave, laptops and dishwashers, then ensure you remove the plugs from the sockets before you lock the door.

If you have appliances with time-sensitive functions or settings, such as digital clocks, timers or programmable devices, make a note of their current settings or take pictures for easy reactivation upon your return.

Unplugging won’t just save energy, it’s safer too. You’ll lower the risk of electrical hazards such as short circuits, power surges or fires triggered by faulty appliances or devices.

Keep curtains and blinds closed

Adding an additional layer of insulation for your windows will reduce heat gain in warm weather and prevent heat loss in cold weather by retaining heat inside the home. Let’s not forget those added security benefits–closed curtains will keep your belongings nicely out of sight from any prying eyes.


  • Turn off your water heater or set it to the lowest temperature setting to save money and conserve energy.
  • Fill your fridge and/or freezer with bottles of water to help retain its thermal mass.
  • Unplug every electronic device and appliance directly from the socket.
  • Close all curtains and blinds to block out heat in summer and preserve warmth in winter.

ActewAGL's energy saving tips are designed to help you take control of your energy use, while reducing your bills and environmental impact. Save with great value energy plans backed by our sustainability promise, supported by 100% local, award-winning service - so you can LIVE A Good Life now and into the future.

For more information about how you can transition to an energy-efficient home visit the SolarHub & ActewAGL Smart Energy Hub today.


Disclaimer: These Energy Savings tips and articles are for information purposes only. Please ensure you are aware of any safety precautions before operating appliances or products.

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