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How our 2022 Community Grants program continues to energise the local community.


We are delighted to announce this year’s recipients of the Community Grants program which has helped support the invaluable projects of local charities, not-for-profit and community organisations.

“We are so proud to support organisations who are undertaking incredible work in our local community,” explains Rachael Turner, General Manager – Retail. “This year we have awarded ActewAGL Community Grants to 20 organisations, our largest group since the program commenced.”

Creating Transformational Change for the Community

At ActewAGL we believe in the power of community. From innovation and environmental sustainability to community engagement and supporting those less fortunate, our Community Grants program helps uplift organisations in-need.

Now in its third year, our Community Grants program has delivered significant funding to over 50 local organisations, empowering them to make a difference with meaningful projects across critical emergency relief, mental and physical health, education and sustainable energy.

Testament to its success, this year our Community Grants program received more than triple the number of applications since its 2020 launch.

Here, we reveal how our initiative has helped enrich the ACT and Capital Region community in the past and present.

Aiding Emergency Pet Care in Times of Need

A pet’s most trusted companion is its owner, but in times of crisis due to hospitalisation, homelessness or domestic violence, Rainbow Paws provides emergency pet boarding for owners unable to look after their beloved animal.

In 2020 Rainbow Paws received an ActewAGL Community Grant. This enabled it to provide eight months of cat and dog boarding for vulnerable members of the local Canberra community, until they could be reunited with their pets at last. Rainbow Paws has said pet owners find the ability to remain close to their pets in times of need, invaluable.

Supplying Solar for the Airwaves

2021 recipient, Radio 1RPH, is a local, volunteer-led radio station which turns printed media into engaging radio shows for the blind and visually impaired. Their grant project was to install solar panels to generate their own energy and to help offset the cost of running their broadcasting equipment.

Our funding enabled this small community radio station to reduce their energy bills in the long term so they can continue broadcasting to their audience.

Supporting a Caring Canberran Community

Supporting those that want to make a difference is the foundation of our Community Grants program. We award funding to non-profits and charities that make great strides towards a fairer future and 2022 is no exception.

2022 Community Grants recipients include Adamas Nexus, a 'post crisis' support group for women who have been the recipients of violence, abuse or intimidation, Care Financial Counselling who provide a free service for people experiencing financial difficulty, and Good Omen Goodeze, a community needle-craft group providing personalised, hand-crafted comfort ‘goodies’ for patients at Canberra Hospital.

For children with special needs or anxiety, WaterWombats provides a fun and supportive way to enjoy water whether through aquatic therapy or learn-to-swim programs. Thanks to our 2022 grant, WaterWombats has been able to develop and expand its array of programs.

“Community consultation found a high level of dissatisfaction with services on offer for vulnerable children, with public pools adding the challenge of raised anxiety levels and sensory overload in the children,” said Carol Jennings, WaterWombats Director.

“Additionally, COVID-19 and the closure of swimming schools caused drowning rates to increase substantially over the last 12 months. ActewAGL's Community Grant has increased the WaterWombats programs' community reach, expanded the program and allowed us to develop and pilot a new aquatic exercise program for children and teens with a disability.”

Helping our Customers and Community LIVE A Good Life Today, for a Brighter Tomorrow

ActewAGL proudly supports a broad range of local community, industry partners and sustainability initiatives, providing charitable grants and supporting various other beneficial community programs. To learn more about these and other ActewAGL initiatives beyond energy, visit

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