Understanding your bill

Power to understand your usage and charges.


Knowing what’s on your bill will help you understand your energy usage.

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  • Ever wondered how the cost at the bottom of your electricity bill is determined? It’s actually quite a process.


  • If your circumstances have changed, your bill may have changed too.

    More people at home.

    Has the number of people living at your address changed? Is someone home on maternity leave? Or there during daytime hours, such as working from home? What about extended guests? These factors can have a big impact on the amount of energy you’re using, and result in a higher bill than normal.

    Your discounted plan may have expired.

    A promotional or discounted plan may no longer be valid. Check if your plan has expired at My.ActewAGL.

    Your concession card may have expired.

    Is your concession card current? If it’s expired, you need to renew it to continue to receive ongoing discounts.

    Check your concession card is still current at My.ActewAGL or call 13 14 93.

    Your new appliances are less energy efficient.

    Did you recently purchase a new fridge or television? Or both? New appliances can mean a change to the amount of energy you’re using.

    Change in seasons.

    It may seem obvious but heating and cooling bills tend to spike in line with the peak of the season. Think carefully about your temperature control activities over the past quarter and how this may affect your energy use.

  • Your bill has been estimated because an actual reading was not provided by the meter data provider.

    To receive a bill with an accurate reading you can:

    1. Submit your own meter reading.

    Check how to read your meter and call 13 14 93 to submit your own meter reading.


    2. Request another attempt to read your meter.

    Call 13 14 93 and we’ll send someone out as soon as possible.

    Remember to ensure access to your meter by:

    • Unlocking gates and doors between the street and the meter.
    • Removing safety hazards between the street and the meter.
    • Providing access during business hours.
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