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Scams, theft and fraud

  • Online scams, phishing and hoax emails.

    Increasingly there are hoax emails circulating that look like an electricity or gas bill. It’s important to know that ActewAGL will never ask for your password, personal/banking details or request payment by credit card or any other means through email. 

    If you receive an email asking for payment or to click on a link or attachment, please follow these steps:

    • Do not click a link, open an attachment or download a file.
    • Do not provide any personal, account, banking or credit card details via email.
    • Do not forward the email to ActewAGL.
    • Report the scam to the ACCC via the online reporting form on the SCAMWATCH website
    • Ensure your computer and devices have up-to-date anti-virus software.

    If you have selected ‘email’ as your preferred communication method with ActewAGL, you may receive information relating to your current bill or important account notifications. Sometimes we also send emails to customers about market offers, to conduct market research or to gain feedback on their interaction with us as a customer.

  • ActewAGL advises customers to be cautious of hoax calls and emails.

    If you're suspicious of a caller claiming to be from ActewAGL and asking for overdue bill payments by credit card, please hang up and call 13 14 93.

    You should also report it to Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

    You can also contact the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission via the SCAMwatch website or by calling 1300 795 995.

    ActewAGL SMS bill reminders

    From time-to-time, we may send you a reminder text message (SMS) about an overdue bill or a contract with us due to expire. This message asks you to contact us on 13 14 93. 

    If you believe you have received a text message as a hoax or scam please call us to check.

  • ActewAGL will never request face-to-face payment for a product or service at your property. Our staff or contractors planning to work on your property or inside your house will always present a staff photo identification.

    If someone comes to your door claiming to be from, or working on behalf of, ActewAGL but cannot identify themselves with ActewAGL identification, do not let them in. If you have concerns about your safety contact the police.

  • Electricity theft includes bypassing the electrical meter, illegally reconnecting electricity and/or using the electricity supply of another owner (typically at a construction site).

    If you think or know that someone is stealing electricity, report it immediately to the police or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

    If you think or know someone is bypassing the electrical meter or has illegally reconnected their electricity, please let us know by either of the following options 

    • Submitting a report online
    • Calling 13 14 93

    Your information is completely confidential.

    If you think electricity theft has happened at the premises you've moved into don't attempt repairs until we've inspected it.

    Electricity theft costs all of us money. We need your help to keep electricity costs down for everyone.

    Report electricity theft

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