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Managing your energy bill

Stay on top of your bills and better manage your budget with an ongoing Direct Debit payment option.

Some months are more challenging than others – you may need more time. Request an extension online to pay your bill at a future date.

Better manage your energy to lower your bills.

Small adjustments to the way you use energy adds up to big savings. Understanding how to improve your usage to take control of your bills.

Bill Helpline
Call 13 12 93 to talk direct to an energy expert now.

Your power to save booklet
Download the guide to check what may impact or improve your energy use.

Interpret your energy bill

Recognise the components of your bill to better understand your energy use.

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Understand your energy use

Identify which factors may impact or improve your energy use.

High bill checklist

Manage your energy use

A smart meter enables you to access detailed usage information to better manage your energy.

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Tips to reduce your energy use

Make small adjustments to the way you use energy to reduce your bills.

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Ways to be more energy efficient

choosing appliances

Energy efficient appliance upgrades

ActewAGL Energy Saving Solutions enables you to upgrade appliances and implement energy efficient solutions.

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big business light switch

Canberra businesses

Book your Big Business Light Switch to upgrade your commercial lighting and save up to 88%* on your lighting costs!

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Access support

Rebates and concessions

Check if you are eligible for a concession rebate off your energy account/s.

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Staying Connected

A personalised support program to help you get back on track with your electricity, gas and water bills.

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Vulnerability Action Plan

Our Vulnerability Action Plan (VAP) underpins our commitment to support financial inclusivity for the community.

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More information

Check out more information, programs and assistance offered by our partner organisations.

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