Save on your energy costs when you go away

by making a few small changes around your home.

  • Stop mail and newspaper deliveries until you return.
  • Turn off your spare fridge.
  • Ask a neighbour if they can park in your driveway.
  • Switch off all appliances, especially phone and computer chargers, at the power point.
  • Put a light inside your house on a timer to make it look like you're at home.
  • Install deadbolts and chain latches as an extra barrier on all your doors.
  • If you have an electric storage hot water system, consider turning it off*.
  • If window locks are key operated, do not leave the keys in the locks.
  • Use motion-sensored flood lights near shrubbery and low windows.

* The switch for your electric hot water system is usually located in your meter box. When saving energy on a gas storage hot water system you would need to turn down the formostat to the 'holiday' or minimum setting. If you have a solar system, turn down the booster.