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*Terms and conditions: Savings are estimates for typical ACT residential customers calculated with reference to ActewAGL's current published ACT tariffs []: (i) 'Home' (supply tariff before solar); (ii) 'Smart Meter Home Demand' (supply tariff after solar), and our current 11c/kWh rate paid for electricity exports under the (iii) 'ActewAGL ACT Small Generator Buyback Scheme'. NSW customers save even more for a given size solar system.

Maximising your solar system

Get the most out of your solar system by adding a battery

Batteries can be added to any of our systems and will increase your solar power output and save you even more off your energy bills. Batteries are also ideal for storing power you can use at a later time.

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New to solar? You should read our guide

Download our comprehensive consumer guide on all things solar and discover how you can save on bills, how solar is metered and measured, why solar is a great choice and how to choose the right system for you.

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