Typical residential solar installations can reduce your electricity costs by more than half.

Integrate solar into your home for a seamless energy solution. ActewAGL designs and installs a tailored system based on your historical energy use data. Our systems are optimised to meet your energy needs and maximise your savings.

Typical systems

 kW capacity  3.92  5.04  6.16
 Number of panels  14  18  22
 Estimated annual generation* kWh   5,417  6,965  8,513
 Installed price# $5,860 $6,380 $6,960
 Typical annual bill savings^   Up to $961  Up to $1,146  Up to $1,326


  • Standard installation: panels installed in two arrays on a single-storey standard pitch (~20°) tin roof.
  • High efficiency solar panels from tier-1 manufacturers including Longi, Seraphim and Talesun.
  • Industry leading SolaX X1 5.0-T dual tracking (MPPT) inverter.
  • Smart Meter upgrade.


  • Additional costs may apply for non-standard installation including but not limited to: double storey and/or steep or flat roofs, concrete/terracotta tiles, raked ceilings, additional arrays, TV antenna relocation and meter board upgrades. 

Increase your savings with battery storage

Save even more by storing excess generation during the day for later use when the sun goes down.

Payment options

Set started sooner with finance options including $0 upfront and interest free plans.

Be solar certain

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# Installed price (GST included) is inclusive of cashback discount for STC assignment to ActewAGL.
* Estimated generation calculated on the basis of the Clean Energy Regulator's Zone 3 rating (which means 1,382kWh of annual solar production per kW of solar generating capacity).
^ Customer bill savings calculated on the basis of a typical [1] ACT residential customer with average annual electricity usage 8000kWh p.a. [2] AEMO’s usage profile of an average customer in the Evoenergy network [3] our 2018/19 ACT electricity prices for our 'Home' and 'Smart Meter Home Demand' plans in the Evoenergy network and [4] 11c/kWh paid for exports under the ActewAGL ACT Small Generator Buyback scheme. Annual electricity cost before solar is $2394.