Want to reduce your energy costs?

As your energy retailer, we can take a look at your usage data, which allows us to accurately tailor and design a system to save you the most money on your electricity bills.

All-in-one provider

As your local energy retailer, we have your energy usage data readily on hand. This means we can tailor a system that will save you the most money.

Solar experts

You can rely on the fact that you're dealing with a Clean Energy Council Approved Solar Retailer and our installers are both qualified and experienced.

Premium-quality products

Your system will be made up of quality components and you'll get peace-of-mind with a 5-year whole of system warranty including both workmanship and products.

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Why ActewAGL Solar?

With over 100 years’ experience in the Canberra energy market, we know you and you know us. You can count on us. We’re here to answer your questions or concerns – before, during or after your system is installed – and being locally based, you’ll always speak to someone in Canberra.

Financially Smart

Once you have installed your solar system, the savings you make will offset the cost of your electricity usage.


The production of solar power is quiet and odour-free and no pollution is created in the generation of solar electricity.


While the sun continues to shine, you will never run out of solar power.

How much could I save?

When it comes to solar, we know that no two homes are the same. That’s why we’ll tailor and design a system to your needs to help you save the most money. Here are the savings typical customers can expect to make by installing solar.

Small Typical Large
3kW 6kW 10kW
~10 panels ~20 panels ~34 panels
Energy saving
estimated p.a.^
Energy saving
estimated p.a.^
Energy saving
estimated p.a.^

Extra inclusions
ActewAGL Solar provides great value for money with these extras all included in your price.

  • 5-year whole of system warranty including workmanship and products.
  • Government inspection fee.
  • Meter upgrade.
  • Generous STC financial incentive (rate of $39.50 per STC).

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Save more with battery storage
By storing solar generation for later use throughout the evenings you can save even more. And you can also enjoy the peace of mind of backup power from your battery in the unlikely event of a power outage.

^These estimates are based on the following assumptions: [1] Solar panels installed facing north and tilted at 30 degrees to the horizon with no shading issues. [2] Our 2018/19 ACT electricity prices for our 'Home' and 'Smart Meter Home Demand' plans in the ActewAGL network. [3] Our standard rate for exports (11c/kWh) under the ActewAGL ACT Small Generator Buyback scheme. [4] Average annual ACT residential electricity consumption of 8,000kWh p.a. [5] The Australian Energy Market Operator’s profile of average customer electricity consumption in the ActewAGL Distribution network area. [6] The Clean Energy Regulator’s Zone 3 rating (which means 1,382kWh of annual solar production for each 1kW of solar generating capacity).

Payment plans to suit any budget

$0 upfront*
This finance option is provided by Macquarie, allowing you to pay $0 upfront to install your solar system.

  • You’ll need to obtain a quote from us and then complete and online Macquarie solar loan application.
  • Once approved, we'll install your solar system so you can start saving on your electricity bills.

Full payment

  • Pay upfront for your solar system.
  • Pay your $250 deposit to accept our quote.
  • Pay the full balance (less your $250 deposit) once your solar installation has been completed.

Interest free payment plan
Make interest free fortnightly or monthly payments over 12 or 24 months.

  • Pay your $250 deposit to accept our quote.
  • Submit an interest free payment plan application for approval by ActewAGL.
  • Pay 1/3 deposit (less your $250 already paid) once your solar installation has been completed.
  • Pay the balance off over 12 or 24 monthly payments.

*$0 Upfront offer only applies when finance is provided by Macquarie Leasing Pty Limited ABN 38 002 674 982 (Australian Credit Licence No. 394925) to approved consumer applicants (not available to commercial or government clients), subject to its assessment criteria. Fees, charges and conditions apply.

How your solar system will work

Solar power systems are made up of panels, an inverter and battery storage.

Electricity is generated when the sun’s energy travels via your solar panels on your roof, to an inverter. During the day, solar panels on your roof capture photons from sunlight. This then sent to the inverter which converts it into electricity your home can use. If your home doesn’t use all the power generated, it can be sent back into the electricity grid - or can be stored in a battery system for use at other times.

With the right system you could save up to 80% off your electricity bill.

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