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Your new smart meter allows you to access detailed information online about your usage history by logging into your account at my.actewagl.com.au.

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Your meter sends information back to your ActewAGL account about your electricity usage, which you can view online any time. This helps you make more informed choices about how and when you use electricity,  including opportunities to reduce your bill.

Please allow up to 48 hours for recent usage information to become visible.

Download the fact sheet about smart meters.

Download the fact sheet about demand pricing plans.

Meter 1 Single phase general purpose meter

New pricing plans with a smart meter

Smart meters are now the standard new or replacement electricity meter for ActewAGL customers in NSW and the ACT.

Once your smart meter is installed you may be placed on a new pricing plan. This means your charges may be different. Learn more about demand pricing plans.

Learn more about ActewAGL’s pricing plans including pricing examples at www.actewagl.com/prices.

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