About Time-of-use pricing plans

How it works

Time-of-use (TOU) pricing plans are designed to encourage you to shift your electricity usage to different times of the day.

You will be charged at different rates for using electricity at the different times. The cost of electricity is highest during peak periods (for example, early in the evening) and cheapest during off-peak periods (for example, overnight).

How TOU is calculated

Time-of-use pricing plans are made up of four charges. The following applies to an ACT residential time of use pricing plan. Refer to our schedule of charges for other Time-of-use pricing plans.

  1. Supply charge - A fixed price per day charge for the supply of electricity to your premises.
  2. Energy consumption at 'peak times' - c/kwh rate applied to usage from 7.00am to 9.00am and from 5.00pm to 8.00pm every day.
  3. Energy consumption at 'shoulder' times - c/kwh rate applied to usage from 9.00am to 5.00pm and from 8.00pm to 10.00pm every day.
  4. Energy consumption at 'off-peak' times - c/kwh rate applied to consumption for all other times.

Tips for managing TOU

  • Use some appliances during off-peak and shoulder periods. These could include a dishwasher, clothes dryer, washing machine and vacuum cleaner.
  • Consider gas or a gas BBQ for your cooking needs if its available instead of an electric stovetop and oven.
  • You can set-and-forget appliances like dishwashers by plugging timers into power points for appliances that don’t have a timer built in.
  • Set your air conditioner to an energy-efficient 25 degrees but try to avoid running it during the peak times.
  • Talk to a licensed electrician about switching your pool pump, hot water system and dishwasher to an off-peak setting or put on a timer to operate outside of peak times.

Learn about your usage

Thanks to information provided by your smart meter, your online account includes tools to help you better understand and manage your electricity usage.

Learn about your household’s yearly, monthly and daily electricity consumption, including how much you’re using at different times of the day.

Get the most from your Time-of-use pricing plan and track your usage by logging in to your account at my.actewagl.com.au