About demand pricing plans

You’re in control

On a demand pricing plan you can see your electricity usage and peak demand patterns via your account at my.actewagl.com.au.

The lower your half-hourly usage is between 5-8pm AEST, the lower your demand charge will be, which will reduce your overall bill.

Why a demand pricing plan?

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More equitable

Each household is charged appropriately for the level of demand it places on the network during the daily peak period of 5-8pm AEST.

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More control

A demand pricing plan gives you an opportunity to lower your electricity bills, simply by using some appliances outside the daily peak period.


Understanding your bill

Understanding your bill

On an ActewAGL demand pricing plan, your electricity bill is made up of three charges. To view current prices please refer to ActewAGL’s schedule of charges at actewagl.com.au/prices.

Why a demand charge?

It is a more effective way to measure residential demand on the electricity network during the daily 5-8pm peak demand window.

This window is when the biggest overall load is placed on the network by households. A demand charge is designed to reflect the cost to the network of this load in a more equitable way, by charging each household accordingly.

One way of looking at a demand charge is comparing it to booking flight tickets. If you book flights over the busy Christmas period, you can expect to pay more than if you were to book a flight in less busy September because of the higher demand. Similarly, the demand charge you pay for using electricity during peak periods will reflect this. 

Learn more about how the demand charge is calculated.

What’s your demand?

High Peak Household

High Peak Household

The High Peak Household uses most electrical appliances during the 5-8pm AEST daily peak period. Its bill will reflect this peak period usage.


Low Peak Household

Low Peak Household

The Low Peak Household’s total electricity consumption is similar to the High Peak Household, but its appliance usage is spread more across the day. The demand charge on its bill will be lower.

Saving with your demand pricing plan

You can reduce your demand during the 5-8pm peak simply by time-shifting when you use some appliances. See below for tips on time-shifting. 

The less electricity you use between 5-8pm AEST daily, the less your monthly peak demand charge is going to be. Think about which of these high energy appliances you could run outside the 5-8pm peak.

The more red in the icon, the higher that appliance’s effect on demand. 

Saving with your demand pricing plan

You might use the stovetop for dinner, which many people need at this time of day. But you might also be running appliances you could easily time shift, like a clothes dryer or dishwasher.

Top tips for lower bills

Learn about your usage

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Thanks to information provided by your smart meter, your online account includes tools to help you better understand and manage your electricity usage.

Learn about your household’s yearly, monthly and daily electricity consumption, including your usage during the 5-8pm AEST peak demand window.

Get the most from your demand pricing plan and track your usage by logging in to your account at my.actewagl.com.au

Changing pricing plans

If you are an ACT residential customer and find that a demand pricing plan doesn’t suit your needs, you have the option to change to a Time-of-use pricing plan.

Contact us about changing your pricing plan

*Prices are samples only. To view current prices please refer to ActewAGL’s schedule of charges at actewagl.com.au/prices.