Residential pricing plans

For customers who are receiving a smart meter as a result of a faulty meter or meter family failure, they will retain the current pricing plan but will move to the smart meter supply charge rate for 12 months.

Demand pricing plans

A demand pricing plan is the default pricing plan for residential customers in the ACT who have requested a smart meter. It better reflects the cost of customers using the electricity network at peak times, when demand for electricity is highest. With this pricing plan you have the opportunity to lower your household bill by reducing your electricity usage during the daily peak period of 5-8pm AEST.

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Time-of-use pricing plans

The Time-of-use pricing plan is now the default pricing plan for residential customers in NSW with a smart meter. This pricing plan is also available to ACT residential customers who do not wish to be on a demand pricing plan. ACT customers can change between demand and a Time-of-use pricing plan once in a 12 month period.

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