Terms and conditions - ActewAGL NSW Small-Generator Buyback scheme (voluntary scheme)

  1. This is not a government mandated scheme; it is offered by ActewAGL on a voluntary basis.  We may at any time vary the rate or withdraw the scheme without notice.
  2. This scheme is available for renewable energy generators with less than 10 kilowatts of generation capacity connected to the electricity network.  Any changes to the meter or metering configuration will be at the customer’s cost.
  3. Subject to (1) and (2), ActewAGL will purchase exported electricity from a customer’s scheme compliant generator at 8c/kWh.
  4. Imported electricity will be billed at the customer’s published or contracted tariff energy rate(s).  The customer must continue to pay the supply charge and any other applicable charges.
  5. For the purpose of this scheme a customer is the person whose name appears on the electricity account for the premises connected to electricity network.
  6. ‘Imported electricity’ means electricity flowing through the customer’s meter from the electricity network into the customer’s premises. 
  7. ‘Exported electricity’ means electricity generated by the scheme compliant generator that results in energy flowing through the customer’s electricity meter from the customer’s premises into the electricity network.
  8. GST will be added to the generation purchase amount where the customer is registered to charge GST.