Renewable energy generation - for customers in NSW

ActewAGL NSW Small-Generator Buyback scheme

This ActewAGL scheme is currently OPEN to new applicants.

This is not a government mandated scheme - it is offered by ActewAGL on a voluntary basis. We may at any time vary the rate or withdraw the scheme without notice.

This scheme is available for renewable energy generators with less than 10 kilowatts of generation capacity connected to the electricity network.  Any changes to the meter or metering configuration will be at the customer’s cost.

Refer to the terms and conditions for further information regarding this scheme, including applicable tariffs (now 8c/kWh, subject to change at any time), charges and ongoing eligibility requirements.

Our frequently asked questions provide additional information about this scheme.

NSW Government Solar Bonus Scheme

This government scheme is CLOSED to new applications.

The NSW Solar Bonus Scheme was implemented in accordance with the Electricity Supply Act 2005 Act (NSW) and the Electricity Supply (General) Regulation 2001 (NSW).  Qualified generators connected under this scheme remain eligible for the relevant scheme tariff (depending on the date of connection) until 31 December 2016 so long as eligibility requirements continue to be met.

If you move into a property with an existing generator that was previously qualified you may be eligible to receive payments under the scheme.

Refer to the terms and conditions further information including the tariff and charges applicable to this scheme.

Our frequently asked questions provide additional information about this scheme.

For more information regarding the scheme and eligibility requirements, please visit the NSW Government website.