ACT Feed-in Tariff scheme (government scheme, obsolete)

  1. The ACT Feed-in Tariff scheme closed to new applicants at midnight on 13 July 2011.
  2. The ACT Feed-in Tariff scheme was implemented in accordance with the Electricity Feed-in (Renewable Energy Premium) Act 2008 (the Feed-in Act).  
  3. Existing ACT Feed-in Tariff customers must refer to their ActewAGL ACT Feed-in Tariff Contract for applicable terms.
  4. Compliant renewable energy generators that met the eligibility criteria under the Feed-in Act remain eligible for the premium rate feed-in tariff payable under this scheme for a period of 20 years from the date of connection.
  5. The feed-in tariff payable under this scheme remains attached to the generator connected in accordance with the scheme.  The feed-in tariff is transferrable to the new occupant of premises with an existing scheme compliant generator, for the balance of the 20 year period.  The Feed-in Act defines occupant as the person whose name appears on the electricity account for the premises.  A person who moves into premises with an existing scheme compliant generator in place should contact ActewAGL for details concerning potential eligibility for the scheme.
  6. Where the customer’s generator qualifies for payments under the scheme ActewAGL will purchase exported electricity at the premium rate in accordance with the scheme.
  7. Imported electricity will be billed at the customer’s published or contracted tariff energy rate(s).  The customer must continue to pay the supply charge and any other applicable charges.
  8. ‘Imported electricity’ means electricity flowing through the customer’s meter from the electricity network into the customer’s premises.
  9. ‘Exported electricity’ means electricity generated by the scheme compliant generator that results in energy flowing through the customer’s electricity meter from the customer’s premises into the electricity network.
  10. GST will be added to the generation purchase amount where the customer is registered to charge GST.