Upgrade your meter

Having a smart meter means that you’ll be able to see your daily electricity usage online, helping you make more informed choices about how and when you use electricity. You’ll also be switched to a new electricity tariff which will change the way you’re billed, you can read more about tariffs here

Life support equipment: If your address is registered for requirement of life support equipment, someone must be in attendance to ensure the safety of the life support equipment recipient. Please note that work will not proceed if there is not a supporting person at the site.


Existing site: Arranging a new smart meter

Once all work is finalised at your site submit the smart meter upgrade form. Upon submission allow 15 business days for installation. Please ensure that there are no access issues at your site as this may result in the work not being completed. This includes an unlocked meter box, clear access to the ‘point of attachment’ or ‘point of entry’, which may be at the rear of the site. 

Supply upgrade

A supply upgrade may be required when changing the Infrastructure from 1 phase supply to 3 phase supply. Examples of this may include:

  • Solar installation with a generation output of greater than 5kW.
  • Installation of Air Conditioning systems.

In order to arrange a supply upgrade please contact your local distributor:



Once the supply upgrade has occurred please submit the smart meter upgrade form to arrange your new smart meter.



Gas - ACT & NSW

If you require an upgrade or downgrade of a gas meter please complete the Application To Upgrade/Downgrade Or Relocate A Gas Meter form.

Once the form is submitted, we will send your request to the distributor to obtain a quote for work. Once received we will be in contact with the details. If you would like to proceed with the work and approve the quote, we will send the work order to the distributor for work to be completed.

Please allow 20 – 60 business days for this process to be complete.