Smart meters

Take charge of your energy. Better manage your consumption.

Pricing plans for smart meters

Installation of a smart meter may mean you are placed on a new pricing plan, resulting in different charges.

Everything you need to know about electricity and gas meters

In 2017 the Power of Choice program introduced a range of reforms including the way electricity retailers (ActewAGL) and distributors manage metering. Every new or replacement meter must be a smart meter which will be installed by your current retailer.


Upgrade an existing meter

Install a smart meter to see your daily electricity usage online. Make informed choices about how and when you use electricity.

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New site meter installation

Steps to follow to request a new meter installation for electricity and gas in ACT/NSW.

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Installation timeframes for a smart meter at a new or existing site.

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Steps to follow to relocate any meter.

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To abolish your energy service and have your meter removed, we can help. 

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What to do for identified faults, emergencies, or outages.

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Residential pricing plans

A smart meter coupled with a suitable pricing plan supports you to better manage your electricity charges.

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How to read your meter

See how to read different types of meters.

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Power of Choice

The Power of Choice program introduced changes to the way that electricity retailers and distributors manage metering.

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Life support

If you or someone residing at your address depends on life support equipment you are required to register to receive life support protections.

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