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A solar smart investment

Installing a solar system is a sound investment. Not only could you halve your electricity bill^, but you'll also make a positive impact on the environment by reducing carbon emissions. ActewAGL Solar provides a competitive price on system components, installation and feed-in tariff rates, giving you a high-quality cost-effective deal every time.

Typical systems

Below is price and savings estimates across our typical systems* based on a small, medium or large household. Savings are an approximation only. To achieve an accurate quote, we'll need to analyse your roof size, historical usage data, dwelling size and some other specifics. Get a personalised quote now based on your specific house and past energy use data here.

kW capacity 4.2 5.4 6.6
Number of panels 14 18 22
Estimated annual generation (kWh) 5,804 7,463 9,121
Approximate price $5,700 $6,250 $6,800
Typical annual bill savings Up to
Up to
Up to

Feed-in tariffs (FIT)

What is it and how does it work?

A feed-in tariff pays you for the extra electricity generated by your solar system, and not used in your home. So if you are producing more electricity from your solar panels than you are using, ActewAGL can pay for your extra electricity which is sent to the grid. If you use all of the energy you generate it will be offset against your electricity bill.

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Maximise your savings with battery storage

Batteries are a natural extension of an integrated energy solution. Packaging a solar system with a battery really is the best way to harness excess energy produced to realise the true potential of bill savings. Store energy to use later when the sun goes down, and what you don't use, you can sell back into the grid – saving you even more.

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Our handy solar guide has even more info

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*Our typical systems include
- Standard installation: panels installed in two arrays on a single-storey standard pitch (~20°) tin roof.
- High efficiency solar panels from tier-1 manufacturers including Longi, Seraphim and Talesun.
- Industry leading SolaX X1 5.0-T dual tracking (MPPT) inverter.
- Smart Meter upgrade.

and exclude
- Additional costs may apply for non-standard installation including but not limited to: double storey and/or steep or flat roofs, concrete/terracotta tiles, raked ceilings, additional arrays, TV antenna relocation and meter board upgrades

^ Typical savings based on 8000kWh annual usage on a 2019–20 ACT Smart Meter Home Demand Tariff.