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Power up with Canberra's solar experts

Clean and free energy can be yours with the power of the Capital region's sun. ActewAGL solar systems can keep your home powered throughout the day (even when it's cloudy) while generating extra power for you to sell back into the grid or use at night (with a battery option).

Our expert team will provide you with a hassle-free installation experience along with aftercare support and guidance on how to make the most of your solar system. Our solar options are competitively priced, with payment options to suit every budget. Investing in solar has never been so easy.

How solar works

It's simple to convert sunlight into energy. Here's how.

1 Solar panels capture the sunlight and transform it into a Direct Current (DC).

2 The solar inverter then changes DC into Alternate Current (AC) which then powers your home.

3 If you have a solar battery installed, it stores the excess power which you can use for later.

What's in it for you?

There are many benefits to going solar. Discover why solar is a smart and easy decision.

Save money off your energy bills

When you generate your own energy, you're using less off the grid. Any energy you don't use can be fed back into the grid. You'll be credited for the extra energy you've generated. With ActewAGL, your surplus solar credits can be transferred online to pay towards your electricity, gas and water bills.

Environmentally friendly

Renewable solar energy makes a real impact and will reduce your household's carbon emissions. This is because your home will be powered more by clean solar energy and therefore less reliant on fossil fuels such as coal and gas.

Sell back into the grid

The electricity you don't use goes back into the grid. Feed-in-tariffs calculate how much your excess energy is worth which is then credited to you as a solar credit.

Increase the value of your house

Having a solar system installed adds great value for potential buyers. Lower carbon emission and halved electricity bills^ can positively impact your home valuation.

Join the solar revolution

With 1.95 million installations in Australia, growing at a rate of over 15 000 a month*, it makes sense to go solar. Join the solar movement and start reaping the environmental and financial benefits only solar can provide.

Easy to install

The ActewAGL Solar team will take care of your solar installation from start to finish. We'll also provide ongoing support beyond installation. With all these benefits, it's time to get started with solar.

Maximising your solar system

Batteries are a natural extension of an integrated energy solution.

Packaging a solar system with a battery really is the best way to harness excess energy produced to realise the true potential of bill savings. Batteries are also ideal for storing power you can use at a later time.

Discover more about battery options

New to solar? You should read our guide

Download our comprehensive consumer guide on all things solar and discover how you can save on bills, how solar is metered and measured, why solar is a smart choice and how to choose the right system for you.

Download our consumer guide

I just wanted to send a quick email to thank you for your assistance in getting our solar installed and up and running. In most cases, people are quick to complain and unfortunately not many people give credit where credit is due… You have been informative and it didn't matter how small the question, you were quick to respond with an answer that was easy to understand. You kept us up-to-date on where and when everything would happen. The installation of the panels, the workers were there spot on 7.30 am and were friendly and polite. The electrician was also spot on time and was informative, friendly and polite. All in all, everyone we dealt with in this matter, I found this experience stress free dealing with professionals, in particular you as you kept us informed, answered questions quickly and efficiently, were polite and friendly. I would recommend ActewAGL for installation of solar to anyone that asked and I would highly recommend they contact you.

Lee, Kambah ACT

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^ Savings calculated based on 8,000kWh annual consumption on a 2018–19 ACT Home Tariff after a 6.05kW solar system and a 13kWh Solax Residential Storage Battery System is installed.