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How much home energy do you get for $5?

For the cost of a takeaway coffee, you can energise your home for the day (and more).


What does a ‘day in the life’ of your household look like? Maybe you like to put on a couple loads of washing while you work from home, or you have a post-dinnertime Netflix ritual (complete with a hot cup of tea or coffee) once the day is done. No matter how you choose to structure your day, because we can’t physically see our energy usage, it can be hard to visualise how much it all costs.

As your local Energy Consultants, we’re here to make energy simple, and understanding your energy usage is what will help you reduce your energy use and save on your energy bills during the capital region’s legendary seasons. We’ve calculated the energy usage costs of some of the most popular household items—kilowatt by kilowatt. So, for the cost of your usual $5 takeaway coffee, exactly how much home energy do you get? The result: more than you may think.

For the cost of your daily coffee, you get all this home energy:

Coffee House PVE 2024

Download your printable version.

Keen to try some calculations of your own? See how we made our calculations, here.

Did you know that a microwave uses approximately 80% less energy than using your stove or oven?

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