Life support equipment

If you or someone residing at your address depends on life support equipment you are required to register to receive life support protections and are entitled to a rebate on your electricity account.

Approved life support apparatus as advised in the National Energy Retail Rules include:

  • intermittent peritoneal dialysis machine
  • oxygen concentrator
  • kidney dialysis machine
  • chronic positive airways pressure respirator
  • crigler najjar syndrome phototherapy equipment
  • ventilator for life support
  • any other equipment that a registered medical practitioner certifies is required for life support.

Register for life support protections

To register your address the following applies:

  • the life support equipment must be prescribed by a medical practitioner for the treatment of a life-threatening condition;
  • the address relating to the account has to be the sole or principal place of residence of the applicant; and
  • a Life Support Medical Confirmation form must be completed and signed by the account holder as well as a registered medical practitioner and returned to ActewAGL.

Protections for registered life support equipment customers

Once you have provided the necessary supporting documentation, your address will be registered and the following protections apply:

  1. we will not de-energise your address from the date we are advised that the life support equipment is required;
  2. in the case of a retailer planned interruption, we will give you at least four business days written notice of the interruption to supply; and
  3. in the case of a distributor planned interruption, the distributor will give you at least four business days written notice of the interruption to supply


If we do not receive your completed Life Support Medical Confirmation form within 65 days of your original notification, you may be at risk of being deregistered. This means the life support protections will be removed from your address.


For information regarding life support rebates please click here.

Unplanned energy outage

Unplanned outages may occur and it cannot be guaranteed that you won’t experience interruptions to your energy. You are responsible for ensuring there is a backup of supply at your address. Please discuss your options with your medical practitioner or medical team to help you develop an action plan to keep you safe. 

The Australian Energy Regulators brochure, Energy and Essential Medical Equipment, is a great source of information regarding Life Support and may assist in developing your action plan.

For information or assistance during an emergency, fault or unplanned outage, contact your local distributor from the table below.

Distributor Phone
Evoenergy 13 10 93
Essential Energy 13 20 80
Endeavour Energy 13 10 03

Keep us up to date

It is important that you keep ActewAGL informed of your current contact details or if circumstances change regarding the need of life support equipment protections at your home.

Call 13 14 93 between 8 am to 6 pm Monday to Friday.

Additional information: Australian Energy Regulator Life support registration guide