Energy Saving House Calls FAQs

When is the program ending?
The Energy Saving House Calls program ends on 31 December 2016.

Why is the Energy Saving House Call program ending?
ActewAGL has provided free Energy Saving House Calls to over 70,000 Canberra households since 2013.  During this time, these households have been provided with tailored advice and free products to assist them with managing and reducing their energy usage. 

ActewAGL is always on the lookout for ways to provide new value to customers, and believes the time is right to consider new options that will assist customers with managing their energy usage into the future.

I missed out and I am interested in saving energy
ActewAGL is continuing to provide customers with a range of options to help with managing their energy consumption.  There is a checklist on the ActewAGL website to help customers identify energy efficiency activities that could be suited to their home and usage patterns.  The website also sets out a range of other products and solutions that can help with managing energy usage, such as solar panels and battery products. 

What if I have a warranty claim?
ActewAGL remains committed to providing quality outcomes for customers.  Should you have any questions relating to the products that were installed during your Energy Saving House Call, please call our Customer Care team on 1300 789 002. Products installed under the Energy Saving House Call program include a warranty up to 2 years after the installation.

What if I want to upgrade my halogen lights now that the program has ended?
Good quality LED lights are available from most reputable lighting retailers.  Some types of lights can be replaced as simply as any other traditional light globe, whereas others will need a visit from an electrician. If in doubt, contact your local electrician to discuss your options.