Gas connection and new meter for home

This form is used to: arrange a natural gas connection from your property boundary to your home.

Time to complete this form: approximately 7-10 minutes.

To complete this form you will need:

  • Identification (e.g. passport or drivers licence)
  • Type of appliances you are connecting in your home
  • Agent / installer details

Please note: that gas connections to new homes can only be completed once the house is at lock-up stage (i.e. the home has walls and a roof, doors and windows and there is no scaffolding/obstructions). Applications made before this stage will take longer than 6-8 weeks.

Connect to natural gas - arrange a natural gas supply to an existing meter.

PDF version - if you wish to print this form and return it via fax, email or post.

Note: a standard service line to residential dwellings may take up to 6-8 weeks, weather permitting, from the date the application form is accepted by head office.

Important: failure to provide correct information could result in a delay in connection.

Contact us: 6248 3827 or


Natural gas service – street to house (new meter) application form

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What is this form? (PDF)

* Required fields


Builder information

Mailing address
Contact details
(Example: 0x xxxx xxxx or 04xx xxx xxx)

Owner information

NOTE: The person applying for the gas connection service will be responsible for the payment of the ActewAGL natural gas bill including the quarterly supply fee and usage charges payable from the date of meter installation.

*   dd/mmm/yyyy
  (Example 18/Oct/1987)
Postal address
Contact details   (at least one phone number is required)
(Example: 0x xxxx xxxx)
(Example: 0x xxxx xxxx or 04xx xxx xxx)
(Example: 04xx xxx xxx)

Installation (premises) information

ActewAGL only services the postcodes in the list, if you live outside this area please contact your retailer.
Plumber details
(Example: 0x xxxx xxxx or 04xx xxx xxx)
Meter position
physical supply of natural gas example image

Please note that the meter position can be located between the front boundary and a position no more than 2 metres past the front face of the dwelling, and not behind locked gates.

Example: On the right-hand side of the house as viewed from the street (Crawford street), 1.5 meters from the front corner of the house.
Please note that services over 25 metres will incur an additional fee per metre.

ApplianceQTY ApplianceQTY
Continuous hot flow water system Central heating
Storage hot water system Cooktop/cooker
Portable heater Wall oven
Flued heater Pool/Spa
Gas log fire Other

Note: it is important that we know your total appliance details for correct meter sizing.
Please specify if you have other appliances not listed above.

Service Application Fee/Authority to Perform Work

$295 (inc. GST) for New Installation Only*
$0 (inc. GST) for Meter Only and Meter Upgrade/Downgrade*

A variable fee is charged by the distributor for the Removal/ Abolishment service. You will be notified of these charges prior to commencement of work.

*Non-standard services are subject to additional charges. You will be advised of any fee variation prior to the commencement of work.


Terms and conditions

Authority to perform work is not required because this is now covered in the acceptance of the model standing offer (see below). The acknowledgment on the existing form about the on-site is now contained in the “Your Acceptance” section in the full terms and conditions.

Your acceptance

Acceptance of model standing offer

I hereby authorise ActewAGL Retail to arrange, on my behalf, for my Distributor to carry out the Basic Connection Service to the Premises and acknowledge that by submitting this form, I am indicating that the terms set out in my Distributor's model standing offer for basic connection service ( a copy of which can be requested from my Distributor) are acceptable to me.

Credit check

I authorise ActewAGL to conduct a credit check and use any relevant information obtained about my credit history to enable ActewAGL to establish my creditworthiness.

By submitting this application, I acknowledge that this information may be used to assess my application; to assess the credit which may be provided; to assist me to avoid default and to notify other credit providers of my default; to assist in the collection of overdue payments and to provide information to any person who proposes to guarantee or has guaranteed payment of my account.

ActewAGL's Credit Reporting Policy is available at

* I agree to the terms and conditions