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To help you settle in more quickly and have a smooth move, we've got information to connect and disconnect your services as well as a handy moving home checklist.

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Moving home checklist

Moving can be a busy time, so we’ve put together a handy checklist to help make your move smooth.

12 weeks to go

  • If being relocated by your company, check what your relocation policy covers.
  • Establish tentative dates for your move.
  • Start planning key events and tasks for moving in your calendar.
  • If you need to sell your home, organise to put your house on the market. If you are renting, notify your landlord.

8 weeks to go

  • Start a list of people and organisations you need to advise of your change of address.
  • Create a moving file to store all your notes, quotes and receipts for moving.
  • Research your new area for available local services and organisations. In particular identify doctors, pharmacies, schools, sporting clubs and vets.
  • Begin a budget of the estimated costs for moving.
  • Ring removalists for quotes and bookings and organise temporary storage for your belongings if required.

6 weeks to go

  • Ask your insurer about any changes necessary to your home and vehicle insurance policies.
  • Contact gyms, clubs, sports teams and other local organisations you have joined to discover if you can transfer, sell or get money back when ending your membership.
  • Begin an inventory of furnishings and goods in your home, even take some photos in case anything is broken or lost during the move.
  • Organise for school and medical records to be transferred to the new providers.
  • Using a floor plan and measurements of your new home, begin to plan where your furnishings will go.
  • Plan a garage sale for any unwanted items you want to sell and save space for the move.
  • Contact your local charities about pick-ups or dropping off the things you wish to donate.

4 weeks to go

  • Start collecting boxes and packing materials you will need.
  • Confirm your removalist or rent the vehicle you need for the move.
  • Start using up food, cleaning supplies and other spoilable or disposable items.
  • Formally notify your landlord in writing when you're moving and organise a property inspection.
  • Notify organisations that you deal with of your move and fill out a change of address form with Australia Post Moving Service. You can do this easily online using Australia Post or eMove.
  • Begin packing items you don't regularly use. Label each box with its contents and the destination for easy unpacking.

3 weeks to go

  • Organise childcare or babysitting, if necessary, for the day of the move.
  • Back-up your computer. Give the back-up CD or DVD to a friend to mind during your move.
  • Confirm the move-in date with the real estate agent or landlord

2 weeks to go

  • Notify your accountant and solicitor of your new address.
  • Notify government departments you deal with, such as the Australian Tax Office and Centrelink of your new address.
  • Organise any temporary storage needed during the move.
  • Return all library books and other items you've borrowed, collect all dry cleaning and other items you've lent.
  • Book a professional cleaner, if necessary, for the house you are leaving.
  • Notify magazines and other subscriptions of your change of address

1 week to go

  • Request final electricity and natural gas readings for your old home.
  • Apply for connection of ActewAGL electricity and/or natural gas services at your new home.
  • Organise for your details to be updated on the electoral roll.
  • Prepare a box or suitcase of the things you'll need in your new home for the first few days after arriving.
  • Organise a 'handyman' kit with a hammer, allen keys, screwdrivers, lightbulbs, nails and wall hooks.
  • Finish packing everything you don't need, make sure every box is labeled with its contents and the room it needs to go into for easy unpacking.

Moving day

  • Carry your valuables and important documents with you for safety.
  • Double check all cupboards, roof spaces, floor spaces, garages and sheds for anything left behind.
  • Stay with the removalist driver to oversee inventory. Check off your list as items go into the truck. Flag items that are fragile.
  • Double-check the removalist has the correct address for your new home.
  • Lock up windows and doors securely and advise your neighbours that the house is empty.
  • Do a final reading of your electrical and water meters as a safeguard

Moving soon? If there’s less than 3 business days before you move call us on 13 14 93. We’re here to assist from 8.00am to 6.00pm Monday to Friday.