Waste to renewable electricity will support our clean energy future

Thursday 20 July 2017

ActewAGL Retail is exploring the opportunity of building a renewable energy facility to turn landfill waste into baseload renewable electricity, which could power more than 28,000 ACT homes.

We’re excited to explore the energy potential of the facility which is part of Capital Recycling Solutions (CRS’s) proposal to develop an advanced centre for recycling, resource recovery and renewable energy at Fyshwick.

Using world-leading European technology, the renewable energy facility will have the capacity to directly supply the ACT electricity grid with up to 30MWe of non-intermittent, renewable electricity. 

Having a local source of baseload electricity also increases the ACT’s energy security in times of peak demand, such as during summer heatwaves. 

ActewAGL’s goal is to provide customers with opportunities and choices for a clean energy future and this requires us to be a leading player in the innovation space. 

This is an opportunity to bring world class environmental technology to Canberra and to help the ACT Government meet its waste management and renewable electricity objectives.

Public consultation is a key part of the ACT Government’s rigorous EIS process, which is now underway. The EIS will address a full range of investigations into technical, environmental and community aspects.

The community will be able to comment on the Draft EIS when it goes on exhibition in coming months. We want the community to help us explore this opportunity to develop a world’s best practice waste management system. More information is available on the CRS website capitalrecyclingsolutions.com.au or call the toll-free number 1800 334 696.