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Recycle solar responsibly.

A complete solution to collect, transport and recycle 100% of solar system materials.


ActewAGL ensures your old solar panels and parts don’t go to landfill.

We offer a way to manage the safe and sustainable recovery and disposal of faulty, non-performing and end-of-life solar panels and parts. For homes, business and installers alike, we reclaim and fully recycle any part of an unwanted solar system. This includes panels, inverters and batteries.

We arrange for all panel parts to be picked up and transported to Brisbane, for processing at a recycling plant via Pyrolysis, a thermal deconstruction technique. This robust practice breaks down and separates panels into their component parts. Recoverable materials available within PV modules include aluminium, glass, copper, plastics, silver and silicon.

This innovative and thorough process guarantees that 100% of solar systems will be recycled and the extracted materials will be re-used. No materials will end in landfill and all processing takes place in Australia.

If you are planning to decommission or replace your dated solar system, or upgrade faulty panels and parts, contact ActewAGL to quote efficient and responsible disposal.


A safe and sustainable answer—100% recycled or re-used.
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Fully complete a solar upgrade with efficient disposal.

Recycle your solar system responsibly.

We offer a complete solution to collect, transport and recycle 100% of solar system materials. We’ll ensure no parts go to landfill. For a quote email or call 1800 572 121.

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