Postcards From Your Town photography competition

2015 Postcards From Your TownShow us the best of our region and you could win $500!

The Postcards From Your Town Calendar is back for another year. Send us your best photos of Canberra and the surrounding region for a chance to win $500 and be featured in the 2017 Postcards From Your Town calendar.

What we’re looking for

ActewAGL love our region and we know you do too. Enter the Postcards From Your Town competition with photos that best reflect what you love about your area, whether it be the city lights, the sprawling fields or the people.

Winning photos in the Postcards From Your Town calendar show emotion, hidden gems, family fun and the best of the Canberra and surrounding regions. Have a look at the gallery for previous winners.

How to take a good photo

  1. Take your photo in landscape and turn on the gridlines. Gridlines are helpful when positioning your shot so the photo is balanced.
  2. Focus on one subject. Make sure your photo is engaging and there isn’t too much to focus on.
  3. Look your subject in the eye. If you’re taking a photo of people, make direct eye contact with the subject through the viewfinder, this will create an engaging photo.
  4. Look through a different perspective. If you know you’ve got a great subject but your photos aren’t as engaging as you’d like, try looking at them through a different perspective – change the angle of the photo or try a different background.
  5. Move it from the middle. Try and move the subject from the middle of your image to change the perspective of the shot.