Why choose us?

When it comes to installing and realising the benefits of a home solar system, ActewAGL Solar is a bright choice.

You can be sure we’re here to stay. With over 100 years experience in the Canberra energy market, we know you and you know us.

Your system will be made up of quality components, including panels, inverter and racking system, to provide you with the best return on your investment.

You’ll get the most accurate and realistic estimate of the savings you can make by installing solar. That’s because, as your local energy retailer, we have your energy data readily on hand. This also means we can ensure that the system we offer you really meets your needs.

You’ll get peace-of-mind with our 5 year workmanship warranty on the installation of your solar energy system*.

You can rely on the fact that our installers are qualified, experienced and know what they are doing. They take care and consider both your safety and theirs as paramount.

You can smooth out the total cost with an ActewAGL interest-free finance plan where you pay a 1/3 deposit, then spread the balance out over 12 or 24 months. Plus, you can set what date in the month you want your payments to start, giving you flexibility to fit-in with your individual needs.

You can count on us. We’re here to answer your questions or concerns – before, during or after your system is installed – and being locally based you’ll always speak to someone in Canberra.

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