Energy discounts are just the tip of the iceberg.

Dive into the fine print and you’ll find that a higher discount usually means a higher base rate.
In comparison, ActewAGL has the lowest electricity rates in the ACT* - and one of the lowest
in Australia. So if you’ve seen big energy deals floating around, it pays to look deeper than just
discounts and know what you’re really comparing.

See how your energy deal stacks up. Visit the independent Energy Made Easy website for a
genuine comparison of offers.





While ActewAGL’s base rates increased on average by 18.95% on 1 July 2017, this was the lowest increase of major retailers operating in the ACT*. If you're looking for a better electricity deal, it pays to look deeper than the advertised discounts and know what you're really comparing.


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As Australian
energy prices rise,
we’re here for you

While we already offer the ACT
lowest retail electricity prices,
we’re here to help.

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Buyer beware:
big discounts could
come with a shock

If you want to save money
on your energy bills, don’t
chase the biggest discount.

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We’ve answered your questions
about the recent price changes.

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Knowing what is on your bill will
help you understand your energy

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*In the ACT base electricity rates represent the standing offer rates prior to any discounts.
Information is accurate as at time of publishing, 16 November 2017.