Storm safety

During Canberra’s storm season high winds and lightning can create dangerous situations by bringing down powerlines, damaging gas and electrical equipment and causing blackouts.

Preparing for storm season

  • Make sure all trees on your property are at least 1.5 metres away from powerlines. An ActewAGL-accredited tree surgeon must be used if trees are within this distance.
  • Create your own storm safety kit containing a torch, battery-operated radio, spare batteries and first aid kit.
  • We’ve created an easy to read checklist to help get your prepared for the storm season.

During a storm

  • Stay clear of fallen or low powerlines and any objects that have come into contact with them.
  • To prevent the possibility of electric shocks during a storm, avoid using landline telephones, make sure you unplug electrical appliances and never use any electrical appliances that are damaged or wet.

After a storm

  • Stay clear of fallen or low powerlines and objects such as fences or trees that are in contact with them, as they can conduct electricity.
  • Report any damage you see to electrical and gas infrastructure to ActewAGL’s emergencies and faults numbers, 13 10 93 for electricity and 13 19 09 for gas.

ActewAGL’s 24-hour emergencies and faults

13 10 93 – electricity

13 19 09 – gas

For more information about preparing your home for storm season, go to the ACT Emergency Service Agency’s website or call 13 22 81.