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Bushfire season and being prepared

October 1 marks the start of bushfire season. As Canberra gets dry during the warmer months, it's a good idea to be prepared in case of bushfires.

Take some time to clean out your gutters and remove flammable material from around your property.

Have an evacuation plan for emergencies and make sure it includes a home safety kit with a torch, batteries, battery powered radio and first aid supplies.

Be aware of fire restrictions in the area.

If you see any hazards or damaged electricity and gas infrastructure, report it to us on our emergencies and faults lines, 13 10 93 for electricity and 13 19 09 for gas.

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Trees and powerlines

Other infrastructure

Be mindful of utility assets on the ground and below it.

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Natural disasters

Information to help you stay safe and be prepared for bushfire and storm season.

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We use energy every day and often take it for granted —
but you have to take care.

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