Safety advice

Maintaining a safe and reliable network is our priority

You can do your bit to help us keep you safe by keeping an eye out for damage to gas or electricity equipment. 

Damaged equipment includes:

• open or damaged substation doors

• covers removed from mini pillars

• damaged electricity poles and wires

• bent or broken gas meter pipes. 

A little help from you could make a big difference to everyone’s safety.

Report any damaged or unsecured equipment to us on the emergencies and faults numbers.

13 10 93 – electricity

13 19 09 - gas

If you see a fire or sparking call 000 immediately.

Trees and powerlines

Other infrastructure

Be mindful of utility assets on the ground and below it.

Mini pillars and substations Building near utility assets

Natural disasters

Information to help you stay safe and be prepared for bushfire and storm season.

Bushfire safety Storm safety

Safety tips

We use energy every day and often take it for granted —
but you have to take care.

Electricity safety tips Natural gas safety tips