Safety advice

Natural gas safety around the home

Natural gas is a versatile energy source. But we still need to be safe when using it.

A rotten egg smell is added to gas for easy detection. If you smell a gas leak, avoid using any source of ignition, if safe to do so turn off your gas supply, ventilate the area well and move outside.

Once you’re a safe distance away, call the gas and emergencies fault number on 13 19 09.

Please keep your gas meter clear of obstructions like bins and plants, it allows us to restore services to you safely and faster during unplanned outages.

When using gas, you should only use Australian certified appliances and ensure a licensed professional maintains them.

Learn more about natural gas safety to keep you and your family safe.

Trees and powerlines

Other infrastructure

Be mindful of utility assets on the ground and below it.

Mini pillars and substations Building near utility assets

Natural disasters

Information to help you stay safe and be prepared for bushfire and storm season.

Bushfire safety Storm safety

Safety tips

We use energy every day and often take it for granted —
but you have to take care.

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