Gas connection services

Applying for a new gas connection

A gas retail agreement needs to be in place before we can turn the gas on at your home.

For a new connection, we recommend that you arrange the gas connection through an energy retailer. This will ensure that from the time the gas is connected, you will be supplied gas by your chosen retailer. A list of energy retailers is available on the Australian Energy Regulator's website.

Once your retailer submits a new connection application to us on your behalf, within 10 business days we will advise them if your connection is classified as either basic or negotiated. In the case of a basic connection, we will also provide your retailer with a connection offer.

Please note that if you apply to us directly through our portal we can only provide you with a gas connection. If you wish to connect electricity, gas, water and/or wastewater services at once, you should contact a retailer that can provide these services.

If you are a real estate developer, and wish to apply for new connections to new constructions, you can also apply for a new gas connection directly to us.

New gas connection classifications

New gas connections are classified as either basic or negotiated, based on the technical characteristic of each specific connection. Each connection class has different pricing mechanisms and timeframes for carrying out the connection work and energising the gas supply.

To help us process your new gas connection request please submit your application as early as possible. The wait time is currently around six weeks. We’d like to apologise for any inconvenience caused – we are working hard to ensure all transactions can be completed in a timely manner. If you have any concerns about your lodgement or require further information please call ActewAGL’s gas enquiries line on 1300 137 078.

Basic connection

A basic connection is a connection requiring no extensions or modifications to the gas mains for an amount of gas up to 320MJ per hour (indicatively a cook-top, room heating and a hot water system).

The timeframe for completing basic connection work is 90 business days from the acceptance of our offer.

Please read our model standing offer for basic connection for detailed information on the parameters and timeframes which apply to basic connections.

Non Basic Connection

A non-basic connection is similar to a basic connection with the main difference being that the non-basic connection service is available where the site requirements for a basic connection service are not satisfied (for example, if the property is on a major road or there are unusual site conditions).

Negotiated connections

All new connections over 320 MJ per hour or which require mains extension are classified as negotiated connections.

The timeframe for providing you with an offer for a negotiated connection is 65 days after we receive a fully completed application. The timeframe for completing the connection work will depend on the specific connection requirements, and will be stated in the offer.

This includes negotiated residential connections where for example a main extension may be required.

Please read our Negotiation framework for more information on the process for negotiating new connections.

What if I want to alter a current connection?

Your gas retailer can arrange this for you. This will ensure that from the time the gas connection is altered, you will continue to be supplied gas by your chosen retailer. Your retailer’s contact details can be found on your gas bill.

Alternatively, you can apply with us through our portal.

Other connection services

Your gas retailer can arrange all other connection services such as disconnections, reconnections and augmentations for you. Your retailer’s contact details can be found on your gas bill.

These include:

  • Commercial connections
  • Medium Density High rise
  • Meter upgrade/ down grade
  • Meter relocation
  • Pulse Connection
  • Meter decommissioning /meter removal

Alternatively, you can apply with us through our portal.

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