Network projects

ActewAGL Distribution is constantly planning for the future and securing the ACT and region's energy supplies.

East Lake zone substation

ActewAGL completed construction of a 132/11kV zone substation to increase the capacity of its distribution network supplying the South Canberra region. In particular, this is to meet the existing and growing demand in Fyshwick, Canberra Airport precinct and South Canberra.

The East Lake zone substation development will be undertaken in two stages. Stage 1 was completed in early 2014.

  • Stage 1 involved the construction of a new zone substation and undergrounding of high voltage transmission lines to Bruce and City East.
  • Stage 2 involves removal of the causeway switching station, undergrounding high voltage transmission cables to Telopea and Gilmore zone substation. Planning and evaluation has begun for this stage of the project.

132 11kV power transformer installation and cabling completed  11kV switchgear  installation and  pre -commissioning completed
132 11kV power transformer installation and cabling completed                     11kV switchgear  installation and  pre -commissioning completed

132KV Gas Insulated Switchgear installation.
132KV Gas Insulated Switchgear installation

Lawson South Stage 2

Following a number of changes to the LDA's development strategy for Lawson South Stage 2, ActewAGL is commencing detailed design work for the requisite undergrounding of both 132kV transmission lines and 11kV distribution lines around the Belconnen zone substation. Noting the variation to previously agreed works, we will continue to work with the ACT Government’s Land Development Agency (LDA) to support their new approach to market.

Molonglo zone substation

At ActewAGL, we understand the ongoing energy needs of the community. That’s why we intend to construct a new 132/11kV zone substation in Molonglo, so we’re ready to meet the electricity needs of the Molonglo Valley, in the future.

The substation will provide an additional 55MVA capacity, enough to supply more than 20,000 homes with electricity.

Molonglo Stage 1 - land acquisition and development application (DA) approval is underway, with completion of the Stage 1 construction in the next 4 to 5 years.

Narrabundah – Hume Primary Main Extension natural gas supply

Capacity to deliver approximately 30,000 scmh needs to be introduced into the gas distribution networks in Queanbeyan and surrounding areas over the next 20 years to supply demand for the areas of Jerrabomberra, Queanbeyan, Fyshwick, Hume and the proposed new developments at Googong and Tralee. To cater to this growth, ActewAGL plan to construct a new 5 km primary main and a new Primary Regulating Station (PRS) at Hume.

The new primary main will extend from the existing Jerrabomberra Package Off-take Station (POTS) at Narrabundah to a junction at the corner of Lanyon Drive and Monaro Highway at Hume. The planned location of Hume PRS is in Section 18, north of Lanyon Drive, east of the Monaro Highway and south of the new SES training facilities.

Together, these facilities will ultimately supply natural gas to approximately 25,000 customers in the areas of Jerrabomberra, Queanbeyan, Fyshwick, Hume, Googong and Tralee. In addition, they will provide long-term capacity for prospective large consumers in Hume and provide a long-term supply into the Hume – Tuggeranong Interconnection (HTI).

Optical Fibre replacement project

ActewAGL is installing optical fibre communications between our zone substations to improve system reliability and security standards. Two optical fibre wires have been installed, with a further five to be installed. This project involves replacing existing wires with new aluminum ones and installing optical fibre wires to run through the middle of the conductors on top of the towers.

As our network grows and customer base expands these security upgrades will allow us to get more out of existing assets, reduce costs and provide opportunities to diversify the grid. The works will also ensure we continue to meet reliability and security standards as set by the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO). The second stage is in progress, with remaining stages due for completion by the middle of 2018.

Renewable gas projects in the ACT

Hydrogen - ActewAGL is working with the Australian National University on a research initiative around three elements: producing hydrogen from excess renewable energy; hydrogen usage as a storage medium; and a renewable energy source that can be used directly or injected into the ACT gas distribution network.

Biogas - ActewAGL is working on a business case for a pilot scheme to convert organic waste to biogas in an anaerobic digestor, to inject the renewable gas into the ACT’s gas distribution network, to capture C02 for reuse and to generate soil enrichment fertiliser as part of the contribution to a closed cycle carbon neutral economy .

Second electricity supply for the ACT

The second point of electricity supply into the ACT will supplement the existing major electricity supply point in northern Canberra and is an important part of ensuring a reliable and secure electricity supply to the ACT.

The first stage of the second point of supply to the ACT project involved the construction by TransGrid in 2013 of the 330/132 kV Williamsdale Substation in the south of the ACT. This substation has been connected to ActewAGL's network via two new 132 kV transmission lines to ActewAGL's Theodore and Gilmore substations.

To complete the second point of supply to the ACT project, the following works are proposed and will be completed by 2020.

  • Construction of a new 330/132 kV substation by TransGrid at Stockdill Drive, West Belconnen.
  • Construction by TransGrid of a new 330 kV transmission line from Stockdill Substation to Canberra Substation.
  • Reconnection by TransGrid of its 330 kV Upper Tumut - Canberra transmission line to Upper Tumut - Stockdill.
  • Reconnection by TransGrid of its 330 kV Canberra - Williamsdale transmission line to Stockdill - Williamsdale.
  • Construction by ActewAGL of a new 132 kV transmission line from Stockdill Substation to connect to its Canberra - Woden transmission line.

A draft Environmental Impact Statement is currently being prepared and will be available for public comment in mid-2017. Subject to environmental approval, construction work will commence in the second half of 2018. Further information on this project can be found on the TransGrid website.

illustrated transmission line map

Site tour with ActewAGL CEO Michael Costello 
Site tour with ActewAGL CEO Michael Costello inspecting the 132kV line route and machinery to pull the Optical Ground Wire (OPGW)

Transmission Network Service Provider (TNSP)

To accurately record network losses, and in compliance with regulatory requirements on metering, ActewAGL is adding metering at each zone substation. Currently, this project is 90% complete, with the final work scheduled to be complete in August, 2017.