Power of Choice

Power of Choice Reforms and Industry Forum

Power of Choice is a suite of reforms to the National Electricity Rules designed to encourage energy consumers to make more informed choices about how and when they use electricity. Power of Choice reforms will provide customers with information and more options so that they can better manage their electricity bills.  Power of Choice will also allow energy companies, including distribution network businesses such as ActewAGL Distribution, to better respond to technology and other market changes. Further information on the Power of Choice reforms can be found at the Australian Energy Market Commission website.

Power of Choice will have a significant impact on how distribution network businesses, such as ActewAGL Distribution, operate and it is important to us that our local customers and business community understand these changes so that we can work together as the new rules take effect to minimise any negative or unintended impacts of the transition process. 

As the Power of Choice reforms are implemented throughout 2017 we will be providing information to our customers and hosting customer forms to allow people to learn more and ask questions. We will also be working with our Energy Consumer Reference Council to ensure that we are taking into consideration feedback from a wide range of customers.

Power of Choice 

One area that will change as part of Power of Choice reforms will be who owns, installs, manages and reads electricity meters. This will particularly impact the construction industry with respect to installing, connecting and upgrading electricity meters in commercial and residential premises. To provide early information to these businesses, ActewAGL hosted two industry forums during November 2016. At these forums a presentation provided details on the reforms and an industry information paper was distributed at these forums. Notes from these forums provide an important record of industry feedback which is now being considered by ActewAGL Distribution:
Notes from Dickson forum held 22 November 2016
Notes from Greenway forum held 24 November 2016
ACT Government information given at forums

For further information on the Power of Choice reform or the industry forum please email PowerofChoice@actewagl.com.au