Demand side management programs

Demand side management programs are developed in a way that residential, commercial and industrial customers and third party businesses such as demand aggregators and curtailment service providers can easily participate. 

These programs encourage customers to reduce their demand or use alternative energy sources for their energy needs when the network capacity is constrained.

ActewAGL currently operates two DSM programs. These are the Time of Use (TOU) Tariff and Power Factor Correction equipment installation.

ActewAGL is planning to investigate other potential DSM programs with a view to developing them for future use. These are detailed below.

Potential DSM programs

Demand side management graph

ActewAGL's demand management team will consult with customers and customer groups to identify their expectations and drivers for DSM participation and what they can offer in terms of demand reduction or switching to alternative energy sources.

Public consultations, awareness programs and trial programs will also form part of this investigation process.

Details of potential DSM programs to be investigated will be published on the ActewAGL website. Customers interested in participating in program investigations or program trials can register their interest via our online register or by contacting us on

Worked Example is provided for a larger development scenario to illustrate the potential of tri-generation and co-generation DSM options for reducing and deferring of network capital investments.