Tariff Structure Statements 2017/18 - 2018/19

Pricing Review for the ACT Electricity Network

New network pricing requirements in the National Electricity Rules require all electricity distribution businesses to align network tariffs to the underlying costs of providing service. Each distribution business is required to submit a tariff structures statement (TSS) that seeks to provide our consumers and stakeholders with clear and accessible information about current network tariffs and how these may change to benefit consumers.  

We lodged our first Proposed TSS and Overview on 27 November 2015 with the Australian Energy Regulator (AER). Following a review, the Regulator released its draft decision on our Proposed TSS on 2 August 2016.

We lodged our Revised TSS and Overview on 4 October 2016.  The Regulator approved the revised TSS in its published final decision on 28 February 2017.

The final TSS forms the basis for our pricing proposals for the financial years 2017/18 and 2018/19. 

The development of our Tariff Structure Statement has been strengthened by the input received from the community. We engaged with residential and business consumers to seek their feedback on network pricing plans, including hosting consumer workshops, online surveys, and met with our consumer council, the ECRC. A copy of the PowerPoint presentation given at these workshops can be accessed here. Additionally, as part the consumer engagement program, we released a Discussion Paper titled “Pricing Review for the ACT Electricity Network” and hosted a number of community and business workshops to provide information and gather feedback on the Discussion Paper. A copy of this paper is available here. If you require an accessible, hard-copy, or non-English version of the document, please email consumerfeedback@actewagl.com.au.

The overall timeframe for the first Tariff Structure Statement is outlined in the image below.  As part of our electricity distribution network proposal for the 2019-2024 regulatory period, we will submit the second Proposed Tariff Structure Statement to the Regulator in January 2018. Hence, we expect to continue our consumer engagement activities in 2017 to progress the reform of electricity network tariffs. 

Ongoing information to and feedback from the community