Electric vehicle chargers

We have introduced electric vehicle chargers in some Canberra locations. Find out more

Consumer engagement strategy

Feedback from consumers will allow ActewAGL to be more responsive, will ensure that our long term planning is in keeping with our consumers’ expectations and over time will increase efficiencies across our organisation and allow us to be on the front-foot when serving our customers.  As our industry evolves, engagement with our consumers will help us prepare for the future and respond to the challenges and opportunities as they arise. Find out more

Power of Choice

Power of Choice is a suite of reforms to the National Electricity Rules designed to encourage energy consumers to make more informed choices about how and when they use electricity. Power of Choice reforms will provide customers with information and more options so that they can better manage their electricity bills. Find out more

Demand Management

Demand management allows customers to reduce their electricity demand for a period of time in exchange for a payment or reduction in their electricity charges. It is a win-win situation where customers get compensated for their involvement and receive lower electricity charges long term, while helping ActewAGL manage demand on the network. Find out more

Embedded generation

Generators connected to our distribution network are called "Embedded Generators" (EGs). These generators are embedded within our distribution network and not directly connected to our transmission network. The entity that owns, operates or controls an embedded generating unit is called the Embedded Generator. Find out more