Copper cable theft

ActewAGL is warning people to stay well away from damaged or vandalised electrical infrastructure in order to avoid being harmed.

This warning follows a recent incident of copper theft where thieves stripped a high-voltage power pole of its copper cables. These cables are part of the built-in safety features of the electricity network. Without this copper cabling the equipment becomes unearthed, meaning that a fault on the network could cause electricity to move into anything that is touching or near the equipment.

While the electricity network is configured safely, interference by vandals and copper thieves presents serious risk to public safety. It's important that people stay well away from all components of the electricity network and understand that it can be dangerous to interfere with it.

ActewAGL can mark its assets with DataTrace Technology – a system that coats objects with a fine mist, invisible to the naked eye, containing molecular traces embedded with a business name and ABN. This can then be used to trace stolen items back to ActewAGL as the owner.

If you see someone trespassing, vandalising or acting suspiciously near ActewAGL infrastructure, call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or ActewAGL on 13 10 93.

For more information visit the Crime Stoppers website.